How To Grow Your eCommerce Business With a Killer Brand

Whether you’re trying to grow your eCommerce business that already exists or you’re starting one from scratch, a solid brand will help build your business. Here’s a look at 6 ways a kickass eCommerce brand can help your business thrive.

Writing a Tagline For Your Logo Can Make Your Small Business Stand Out

When a tagline is consistently shown to your audience as part of your logo, on every piece of marketing material, and anywhere your brand appears, it becomes recognizable and directly associated with who you are as a company.

6 Bold Marketing Strategies for Your eCommerce Biz

You want the sale to every consumer possible so don’t leave it up to chance to make it happen. Here are 6 bold ways to give your eCommerce marketing strategy some umph!

How to Repurpose Your Small Business Content | Digital Content Strategist

Repurpose old content that performed well. If you’ve taken the time to analyze your content (or have hired a digital content strategist to do it for you), you know what has performed well with your audience in the past. If your audience likes a certain topic, beef up the old content you have on that topic and share it again — it’ll do just as well as it did the first time.

How to Use Created and Curated Content In Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

While a good amount of content should absolutely be created by your brand, you can take advantage of relevant third-party content that already exists. This tactic is called content curation. Curating content can save time, builds meaningful relationships and involves your brand in relevant conversations

9 Brands That Took Ballsy Risks and Got Lucky

As a business owner, risk taking is part of your nature. That doesn’t mean every risk is going to be a walk in the park. When you confront monster risks with plenty of research and grit you’re bound to reap the rewards. Check out these brands that took strategic risks and prepare to be inspired for your next big brand marketing move.