Dating Profile, Business | Why You Should Be Branding Them Using The Same Strategy


First impressions … they matter.

Think about it, business, dating, friendships, that first impression makes or breaks the rest of your relationship (or the lack thereof). And when it comes to something like a dating app, you better make a darn good first impression quick … before they swipe left. 

So how do you do it? How do you make that stop in their tracks, eyes wide open, jaw dropped, this is the one-type first impression?


How To Brand Your Dating Profile

1. You highlight your best qualities.

You see, if you’re a big time lawyer with a fancy car, a great sense of humor, and a taste that some would call … lavish … highlight those great, appealing qualities. Ultimately, you’re trying to sell yourself online to potential dates so talk about the best and leave your biggest flaws and insecurities for discovery later on when someone can really get to know you … don’t lead with them.


2. Show your personality.

You could be the coolest, most energetic, everyone-wants-to-get-you-in-the-sheets type of guy, but if your dating profile doesn’t show that same type of personality, how will your potential dates ever know? No energy, no personality, no depth is going to be a no thanks for most.


3. Choose quality photos.

That blurry photo from your college spring break with your shirt off, eyes half shut on a beach in Mexico … clearly not your soberest moment, and that doesn’t make a great dating profile pic. You’ve got to make a show-stopping first impression with your photo, one that shows who you are in your best light (great lighting helps too).


4. Be authentic, be you.

We’ve all heard the horror stories. The guy is so excited to be dating the most perfect woman online, and then when he finally gets to meet her in person … catfished. 

You see, all the same goes for business. Who knew representing your business and online dating were so alike?


How To Brand Your Business Like Your Dating Profile

Just like branding your dating app, you want to brand your business the very same way. With no energy, no personality, no depth comes no chance of assembling droves of raving fans. You don’t want to be the brand that goes to prom stag, so be sure you’re following the dating app rules for your business too!


1. You highlight your best qualities.

You’re community driven, your products are sustainable and the quality is superb, your fans are seriously big fans of the way you do business. Highlight those qualities!

Of course, be transparent about what it is you’re all about, but really hone in on those nobody-else-is-doing-this qualities. What sets you apart will do just that, set you apart from the rest of your competitors.


2. Show your personality.

Businesses without pizzaz, without a person behind them are booooooring. But not you! You’re lively, interact with your people (as a human!), and aren’t afraid to be yourself.

This is something we consistently push for our clients here at Bareknuckle. Your messaging, your visuals, your everything has to be spewing with personality and livelihood. It has to be attractive and inviting to potential customers, that’s how you bring in those people and turn them into raving fans!


3. Choose quality photos.

You said goodbye to stock photos years ago and now invest in quality, professional photography to blast across your platforms. And guess what? It’s damn eye-catching … makes your brand look gooood.

Going the professional photo and video route will up your brand consistency game, ensure that your brand always looks on-point (and on-brand), and makes your overall presence look, well, professional! You’re not here in the business game to mess around, and therefore you know you can’t mess around with below-standard content either.


4. Be authentic, be you.

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Got a your-gut-hurts-from-laughing sense of humor? Be you and you’ll find fans just like you. Attract your kind of people by being your full, authentic self. 

Being your authentic self isn’t just going to make your brand look like its best self, but being transparent is also going to increase your employee satisfaction, help develop an engaging digital experience, and up your overall customer experience and your relationships with those customers.


Brand Your Business, Let Bareknuckle Help

Make them swipe right, make them want to hop in bed with your brand because they just can’t resist. They can’t bypass your brand over competition after seeing all you are and what you have to offer …  it’s the stuff that sells!

Need help developing a strategy, or even your entire brand, to get your business out there and shining like a star? The expert crew of strategists and brand professionals at Bareknuckle are here to help! Schedule a Free 15-Minute Call and let’s get the ball rolling.