The Jab is Bareknuckle’s monthly newsletter, where we let our hair down, pour ourselves a beer and laugh about stuff that’s been on our minds. Nothing is off limits, so if you can’t take a jab, stay out of the ring.  

JUNE 2017 – This Month: Bust This, Mutton


Get our your yee-haws and pop that flannel, it’s time again to totally disregard the Reno rodeo event and head straight to the Jack tent.


JULY/AUG 2017 – This Month: The One, The Only: Augustown


Are you art-down after Artown? We hate to be the bearer of harsh news, but the Artown hangover can harsh your mellow, so we created Augustown.


SEP 2017 – This Month: Bareknuckle Fixes Everything


Bareknuckle helps us all cope better with cultural changes—those involving kneeling athletes, space whales and the end of Game of thrones.


 OCT 2017 – This Month: What Fear Makes Your Bareknuckles White?


Check out the craziest phobias of 2017. And, of equal timeliness, see if you can match your favorite New Kids On The Block to his biggest fear.


NOV 2017 – This Month: Bareknuckle’s Holiday Picks


If you’re like us (or like Walmart) you’re already writing your Christmas list and daydreaming about the eat-nap-eat tradition at Thanksgiving—even though you still don’t know what you’re goi to be for Halloween.


DEC 2017 – This Month: The World Is Organized Chaos, So Here Are Some Puzzles


If you’ve been screaming at your newsfeed a little more often than usual, trying to get a grip on this chaotic mess of a world, we offer you a break from the madness in puzzle form. Find the differences, guess who the Bareknuckle team is crushing on, and meet your new favorite business mascot.

JAN 2018 – This Month: Free Coupons, Free Hugs, and Free Will


And just like that, Christmas is in the dust. Did you forget to by something for that person in your life? So did we! So we are reverting to our 6-year old selves with a good old works-every-time coupon book! Pro tip: Blame the late gift on stupid slow snail mail traffic. You are so friggin’ welcome.


FEB 2018 – This Month: Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope


For this February edition of the Jab, we’re overlooking Groundhog Day, blowing past ASH Wednesday, leaving Valentine’s Day for the lovebirds and karate-chopping our way right to the Chinese New Year (then we’re skipping over that, too).


MARCH 2018 – This Month: And The Award Goes To …


It’s award season. That means we’re suiting up, glitzing out and fully prepared to give uncomfortably long, politically driven thank you speeches. We’ve been crash dieting all week for this day. Let’s hand out some awards.


APRIL 2018 – Taxes Taxes and more Taxes.


Taxes, the four letter word (five if you’re counting) that’s got a choke hold on our minds this week. We wanted to send you a newsletter that would successfully distract you from this miserable time, but apparently thinking, “Don’t think about taxes, don’t think about taxes!”


MAY 2018 – This Month: Introducing ShutterKnuckle


Have you ever looked at a stock photo to a site and said, “I could do that!” Well, we just “did that.” Bareknuckle is offering a new stock photo service, ShutterKnuckle, because the world needs another platform for photos that are just kind of “good enough.”


JUNE 2018 – This Month: A “Time” Line of Bareknuckle History


This month, we’re piecing together history of Bareknuckle alongside storied events in American lore. Why? Because the late, great Prince once said, “Time is a mind construct, it’s not real.” And we like the way Prince thinks … and sings, and dances, and eats pancakes.


JULY 2018 – This Month: Pucker Up Reno, We’re Talking LimeBikes


The city of Reno is getting bitter beer face over LimeBikes right now. “Bike litter” and misconduct have struck awe in Renoites. We propose a theory: maybe the problem is less about people misusing LimeBikes and more about the curse that follows literally anything with lime in the title.


AUG 2018 – This Month: Augustown Takes a Nap

Last August Bareknuckle did something epic, in list form. But legal action was threatened (which is a passive-voice way of saying, “ A representative who doesn’t think parody is funny called our office and threatened us.”) This one’s for you.


SEP 2018 – This Month: 8-Minute Winter Bodies

As summer cools down, the need to pack on your pushin’ cushion heats up. And as you know, that winter body doesn’t happen overnight. It takes determination, a dangerous level of downtime and a whole lot of donuts. Follow these steps to achieve your ideal winter boy in 30 days or less, guaranteed.


OCT 2018 – Which Witch from Hocus Pocus Are You?

Today is arguably the best day of the year (but don’t argue with us or we’ll come to your house and scratch at your windows with forks all night).

Today is your chance to dress like a zombie-pumpkin or a sexy serial killer or a martian ballerina and no one can scold you for it.


NOV 2018 – Fa-La-La-La Fall’s Over, Move On Fall Fanatics. 

When did people get all fanboy for fall? It’s gotten a little nuts (hazelnuts). And for the sake of season equality, we’re taking a few minutes to knock fall back down a few notches, where it belongs, down by winter (like it is on the calendar). To be fair, we dig fall foliage and comfortable clothes as much as the next guy, but we wager that winter, spring, and summer have sweetstuffs to offer as well (maybe not winter, she’s too bitchy).

DEC 2018 – 13 Days of Goth Christmas

Today is December 21, the coldest, darkest day of the year (yes, only in the Northern Hemisphere, you carol-singing smart asses). While our loved ones are rushing around Target looking for stocking stuffers, stressing over good tidings and downing holiday fudge, we know better. That’s because this Christmas, we’re done with the red, green and white stuff. 

JAN 2019 – It’s All So Fake, So Happy Fake New Year!

Has your January been filled with people you haven’t seen in a while cheering,  “Happy New Year”? Did your officemate (probably named KAREN) put up her new Sexy Firefighter calendar? Did your other officemate (probably also named CAREN but she spells it with a “C” because her parents were edgy) start a long list of ambitious resolutions and share them office-wide?

MAR 2019 – Spring Cleaning Has Swept Us Off Our Feet

Move over groundhog, there’s a new spritely creature summoning an early spring: Marie Kondo. Whether you’ve read her book, watched the show, or overheard two girls at the bar fretting over their joyless closets, Marie Kondo has undoubtedly inspired you to clean up your act.


APRIL 2019 – The Gang Finds ALL the Silver Linings

Did you know that Michael Jackson had a smashing career before Leaving Neverland? How about Pudding Pops!? Did you remember when pudding pop sales skyrocketed because of funnyman Bill Cosby? We’ll bet you had no idea that Harvey “hard to love” Weinstein produced Shakespeare in Love, Pulp Fiction, and Good Will Hunting. Swoon.

MAY 2019 – Disney Songs: Knuckled

Typically we have an intro to explain ourselves and where this month’s Jab content came from. This month, none of us remember … so this should go just fine. 


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