Join the Boldest Brand Marketing Team This Side of the Nile


Position Title: Graphic Designer / Visual Communicator 

If You’re the Driven, Sharp, Clever, Ambitious Designer We’re Looking for, We’ll Hire You.  


If you’re right for this role and are ready to roll your sleeves up, it’s going to be a helluva ride. As part of our creative-and-strategic branding team, you’ll be visually communicating the brands of a variety of clients, from vodka companies to CPA firms–from ski schools to brew pubs.

You’ll be putting your graphics skills to use daily and gaining new ones in our hyper-collaborative setting. 


Position Responsibilities (What are the accountables?):

Overall, you’ll be designing assets mainly across three media: print, web, and initial brand concept. For all design work, you will …

  • Stay relevant and connected with innovations, trends, and standards in the web and design community.
  • Be proactive about deadlines. Get ahead of milestones. Communicate with team members and clients making sure deadlines are met.
  • Keep record of time spent on projects and awareness of project budget. 


Brand Design Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Work directly with the team and clients to understand (and help shape) brand vision. 
  • Support Brand Director in brand design projects from start to finish, aiming to listen and to be heard.
  • Protect client branding, being careful to watch for consistency. We use checks and balances here. We’re all in support of unquestionably striking work. 


Print Design Specific Responsibilities:

  • Understand goals of print. Help make the project better by making smart design and print media choices. 
  • Final files and printed solutions are carefully reviewed for any errors that would result in re-prints. 
  • Owning decisions about which print resources and vendors to employ to stay within the budget and the timeline. 
  • Aim to blow the hair back of clients and their customers (and other BK team members).


Website Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Help design websites that are sexy, smart, and effective.
  • Strategize with the creative team to develop web designs that are attractive and user-friendly.   
  • Programming skills count as a major level-up …
    • Step in on existing websites to make additions and changes. 
    • Troubleshoot web issues and find timely solutions. 
    • Help reduce time needed for outsourced programming. 
    • Build websites that look and function as planned. 
    • Plan ahead for mobile compatibility in both design and usability. 
    • Share best web solutions and educate clients and creative team about best choices. 
    • Correspond with creative team and clients to answer web-related questions. 
    • Think full-picture.


Bareknuckle Standards:

  • Don’t send it out if you aren’t proud of it. We don’t cut corners … if it looks “off,” fix it. 
  • Treat the first proof as if it was the final proof. Don’t rely on the client to direct the project; put thought into the project and show them your best recommendations. 
  • Ask yourself “If this was my business, would I want to show off this piece?” 
  • Ask yourself “Is this on-brand for the client? Does this fit their brand’s personality and will it resonate with their target audience?”



  • Be head-over-heels and curious about all things design
  • Have the ability to get things done
  • Anticipate obstacles. Conceptualize solutions.
  • Be a solid communicator (we’ll know during our first meeting)
  • Be compatible with Mac products and systems
  • Be resourceful 
  • Add to our collaborative culture, leaving ego behind
  • Not be a stiff


Let’s Do This:

Send your UPDATED resume along with any supporting evidence (and/or free gifts) that show you’re perfect for this role to support@bareknuckle-branding.com.