Why To Outsource Your Marketing To Boost Your Brand’s Creativity


For all of our lives, we’ve been told that we can be anything we want to be. (Thanks for that very original inspirational message, Mom and Dad.) If you’re one of the people who believes in this statement, you’re probably a business owner. Business takes guts, it takes you having to wear a lot of different hats and live and learn in a lot of different areas. That being said, just because you can be anything you want to be doesn’t you have to do everything.

You see, delegation and outsourcing is key to growth and success. If you continue to spread yourself too thin–if you wear too many hats–a hat or two is bound to fall right off that head of yours. 

Instead of putting all of your energy into trying to keep every hat stable on your head, put that energy into your one hat … your favorite hat, the hat you’re damn passionate about. (Enough hat talk?) What we’re trying to say here is that you’ve got to focus on the aspects of your business that you’re really, really good at and try your best to delegate as much else as possible. 

Delegating and outsourcing can come in all shapes and sizes–bookkeeping, print, design, logistics, production, and more. What we’re going to get into is outsourced marketing. 


Are You Still Doing Your Marketing Internally?

Getting your business in front of your intended audience? Seems simple enough. You have a creative marketing idea that works for a little while until you realize it’s time to switch it up. Then you try something new and another something new and then one more. And eventually your creative marketing file is empty. Your ideas become dry and you need some creative help.

When it comes to ever-changing marketing trends, ever-changing audience behaviors, and a rollercoaster of market fluctuations, it can seem impossible to keep up. So why not hand over the marketing to the experts? Why not outsource your marketing to someone who has a well full of creative ideas that will help your business?


The Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing and Killing the Creative Game


Bridging the Knowledge Gap

You’re really dang good at what you do, at what your business does. You’re knowledgeable at that, and someone else has the knowledge necessary to make your marketing (and therefore your business) thrive!

Outsourcing your marketing will certainly bridge the gap between what you know about your business and what a team of marketing professionals know about getting your business in front of the right people and getting those people to notice your brand. 

Ditch the trial and error of internal marketing and leave it to the pros who know how to market your business the very best it can … all while you focus on what you’re really great at!


New Brains = New Ideas

So many times in life we call in outsiders to provide a new perspective, and the very same goes for creative and strategic marketing. Bringing in marketing professionals with fresh ideas and a new look on how your business can and should be putting itself out there is one of the best things you can do.

Let’s say you’ve been pushing your golf cart ads strictly to folks living in high end areas who have an interest in golf. Bringing in the professionals, we find that wealthy golfers aren’t the only ones who like riding around in golf carts. There are families looking to buy a cart to take their kids around to the amenities of the neighborhood. The many resorts in your area could use carts to transport their employees and their guests. And how about the folks who work in close proximity to their homes? They could sure be interested in a cart too.


A Slew Of Never-Before-Used Resources (And Skills)

Effective marketing requires a slew of different resources and skills, resources that it can feel impossible to accumulate as a business owner, and skills that you really shouldn’t have to put your energy into perfecting.  

In order to create and execute a wildly successful campaign, you have to …

  • Be an excellent copywriter
  • Create a great design
  • Have the design tools and softwares to create that design
  • Be a social media expert and place your campaign in the correct places
  • Have the analytical tools (and skills) to measure your campaign’s success
  • And so much more … 

There’s no need to have and be an expert in all of these skills and resources. Hire outside help–an outside team of experts who are experts in everything above.


You Can Prioritize … And So Can We

Anything successful comes with focus and dedication to that successful something. Outsourcing your marketing efforts allows you as a business owner to prioritize what’s necessary to grow your business and build it into what you’ve always dreamed of it be. 

And on the flip side, your outside marketing team can also focus and prioritize your marketing. We can put all of our creativity and strategy into the marketing side of your business, all while you put that same energy into running your business to the best of your abilities.

Prioritizing is easy when you hire the help you need!


You’re Sure To Save Marketing Dollars

It can be a little daunting getting that marketing bill, but think of it this way …. you’re actually saving money by outsourcing as opposed to hiring a team of employees to do that same work internally.

Hiring full time (or even part time) employees to execute your marketing as a small business generally just isn’t feasible. As a small business owner, you have thousands of other reasons to spend that same money or hire more people. Instead, delegating those marketing efforts to someone outside of your brand and only paying for what you want and need is always the better choice.

This isn’t to say hiring a team of experts who work solely on your marketing is never in your future. But oftentimes, this is a long-term, larger company goal … and that’s perfectly okay!


Speaking of Marketing Professionals … That’s Us!

Marketing + Business Strategy = A Perfect Duo … and that’s exactly where Bareknuckle lives. 

We sure can be your team of outsource marketing professionals who will get your business where you want it to be. Start the process with a Free 15-Minute Call … you can spare 15 minutes!