As the summer sets in, it seems the entrepreneurial spirit is heating up faster than Reno blacktops. We’ve received quite a few calls from startups who are aiming high, but we’re finding each potential client is held up by a lack of content. If you read our previous post, you know this means they’re also trudging forward without a branded messaging strategy or content marketing campaigns. We had a chat with three of these ambitious entrepreneurs and looked closer at their content needs.


  1. Portable Drug Tests to the Rescue! Reno scientists have developed a pocket-sized drug test designed for medical marijuana card holders and weed weekenders who need to keep their recreational use on the down low. While the idea has good intentions, the product has unfortunate potential to be roped in with artificial urine and other less-dignified, novelty drug test passing products. Their content needs to attract the upper-middle class working person, and from an ethical standpoint, shouldn’t target those in high-stake working conditions (contractors, pilots, police, etc.)
  2. With Legalized Marijuana Comes the Statewide Cannabis Expo. With the recent surge of marijuana sales in Nevada, we knew a cannabis expo was close behind. Sure enough we got the call from a pioneering weed whiz with a lofty plan for a statewide cannabis expo in Nevada, specifically in Reno. With just a few more logistical details to iron out, the expo is looking more and more like a sure thing. The ugly side of that coin is simple: the expo is missing the branding and messaging strategy found in content marketing campaigns. With something like an cannabis expo, it’s easy to rely on the product (i.e. marijuana) to manifest a brand, but that only invites the ENTIRE reputation of marijuana to speak for the brand. That won’t work. If this expo wants to be more than “just another weed expo,” it needs content backed by a solid messaging strategy and brand to set it apart.
  3. Inviting Guests to the Wild West. A new local team of event decorators is gearing up to establish themselves in the Reno/Tahoe area. They contacted us because they have a niche idea for an event decorating business, and they need the right content to show how they’re unique in the event planning field. Unlike traditional event decorators, this team has a huge collection of Western style antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces to bring your event to life. With high-end ideas and a unique process, we saw how these decorators could thrive with the right content to support their fresh ideas. Otherwise, their detail loving, antique collecting spirit could easily be misconstrued as disorganized and cluttered — and that’s not the reputation you want to create for yourself in the event industry.