Improve Your Writing With 5 Tips From Bareknuckle | Content Marketing Reno


Good copywriting is essential for every modern business. As the core of content marketing, good business copywriting helps you build trust with potential customers and gain valuable attention online. Your content is the value your brand provides to entice viewers to purchase your actual products. 

You may be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but writing is scary.” Of course it is. Writing can be intimidating for business owners. Hell, it can be intimidating for writers. 

 Where do you start? How do you convey the right message in the right way to the right audience? Writing is hard work, but it’s undeniably effective if you want to connect with your audience and increase brand loyalty.

 When writing copy for your business, there are a few simple strategies that will help you write engaging, fun and informative copy that converts.


1. Be Positive. 

Copywriting is serious business, but it doesn’t have to sound serious. Positivity converts. While there is certainly a place for cynicism and snarkiness, your copywriting isn’t that place. Be positive in your writing whenever possible (it’s almost always possible).

Customers are more likely to talk about your brand positively if you write in a positive tone. It’s true. A study from the Journal of Research and Marketing found that positive word of mouth (PWOM … because who doesn’t like acronyms?) is much more effective than negative word of mouth (NWOM) in terms of brand purchase probability.

Writing in a positive tone means expressing ideas with an upbeat or optimistic tone. While there’s no need to go full Disneyland on your customers, be aware that positivity is part of professionalism. This is easy to forget as copywriting is generally conversational in terms of style. Here’s a quick writing lesson: style is the way something is written and includes diction (word choice) and tone (attitude).

It’s perfectly fine to have a conversational diction as long as you write with positive word choices and tone.


Positive: The Mayor announced good things were coming to the town.

Negative: The Mayor claimed good things were coming for the town.


If going viral is your game plan, writing in a positive tone will up your chances, according to a group of smart people at Harvard. The logic is simple enough: people like to share their joy with others


2. Be Direct.

Let’s say you have a problem and you look to Google for an answer. You find a promising article, but it’s littered with jargon. You would probably feel distanced from the article, which could make your problem feel much bigger and more difficult to solve.

As a brand you want customers to come to you for answers, so communicate them directly. Make your content accessible and solution-oriented. Be kind to your customers. Be direct.

  • Say it with less
  • Write assertive Calls to Action
  • Be bold
  • Write with “you” and “your”
  • Remove “I believe” and “I think”    


3. Design For Easy Reading.

White space isn’t a tool saved for designers, you can use it throughout your body text, too. Start your posts with a single introductory statement followed by a brief paragraph. This confirms to the reader that the post will be a breeze to read, even if the subject is dense.

Designing your copy with plenty of white space also makes it easier to read on smartphones, which is most likely where your customers will read your content.

Another perk of the white space design trick: it demands that you, the writer, are clear and concise.


4. Follow Your Gut.

As you comb through your draft in the editing phase, edit at the slightest hint of mediocrity. Your gut knows when something sounds dull or unclear, so change it the second you sense it.

At first it’s easy to ignore your gut feeling and keep the first version of an idea, but if you sense you can do better, then do better.

This rule goes for wordiness too. Say what you mean and cut the fluff.


5. Write With Active Voice.

Always write your copy in active voice. Active voice is energetic, it’s active.

Quick grammar lesson:

  • In the active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action.
  • In passive voice, the subject receives the action.

Active voice energizes your copy and moves customers to act. Passive voice loses customers mid-sentence. It’s that important.


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