Podcasting: The Chance to be THE LITERAL Voice of Your Brand or a Bunch of Hullabaloo?

This blog was written by enthusiastic podcaster Holly Hutchings, who manages her own podcast, How I Broke This, and is currently an arts and culture reporter for KUNR.

You’ve heard about podcasts. You may even listen to some. Hands up for Joe Rogan! This American Life!? But have you, a business owner, ever considered HAVING a show of your own?

I mean, why would you? You’re a business person, not an audio nerd. Who would listen? Where would you start? Your brand is too new. Too small. Too local. Or is it?

They say the riches are in the niches. And you – my business friend – are niche. And that is fan-freaking-tastic.

Whether you run an insurance agency, accounting firm, legal practice – or something else – your target audience is out there and they WANT to hear from you. The beauty of having a podcast is the hyper-focus you can put on advertising directly to ‘the one’; zeroing in on the perfect customer, and then, getting your message right to them.


The People Of Podcasting

When I was at the largest gathering of podcasters in the world (Podcast Movement) last year, I met podcasters from the horse breeding ilk and the big guys, like Apple. And you know who got better rankings of those two? Long faces all the way.

The riches are in the niches. You are a small business in the biggest LITTLE city. If you think your business is too small. Too specialized. Too quirky to have a podcast … that’s when you really need to go for it.

Talk to your customers. That’s all you have to do. Someone like me can do the rest, make you sound polished, edit your stammers, “likes” and “ummmms”. But the content can come through, and you, YOU, can connect intimately to your audience.

Podcasts are the most popular with 18-34-year-olds, which makes up about 44% of the podcast listening audience. They’re on their phones, which is where a podcast app is probably already factory installed. They listen the first time because they’ve been hooked by your topic, and an engaging host will make them come back for more. Podcast marketing is expected to double through 2021, while radio advertising is slated to remain about the same.

Let potential clients depend on hearing from you. Be there for them. Be top of mind when it’s time for them to need your type of business. And add legitimacy to your brand by being THE LITERAL VOICE of it.

Reasons you Should Have a Business Podcast:

  • Legitimacy – A podcast can establish you as an authority in your field.
  • The Megaphone Effect – Your audience is readily available to you, and you have the ability to reach your future clients on their time frame.
  • Well-rounded Marketing – It’s what’s happening. PLUS, it can be a new content stream. What’s said on your podcast can be converted to blogs, social media posts or put on the ‘Show Notes’ of your website. You could even mash all that podcast chatter into a book.
  • Personality – Podcasts make your audience feel connected to you. In their minds, they already know you because they hear your voice and feel your help in their lives. You have earned their trust. Have that one-on-one style conversation with them by having a podcast. Then, earn their biz.
  • Modern – Times are a-changin’ and you want to stay relevant.

Podcasting can feel like scary new waters, but this doesn’t have to be risky business. Get some help. Get a podcast. And get connecting.