2016 is now. How did that sonofabitch get here so quickly?

As entrepreneurs, we’ve forced ourselves to sit around the table and etch out clear marketing goals and marketing strategies for the new year. And, since we’re in the brand marketing industry, we’ve met with our clients to help them solidify their marketing goals and marketing strategies as well. It’s what we do (long before we create any content on their behalf).

It’s time to laser focus. So where do we start?

Well, by reading this blog you’ve done the tricky part of making yourself get in the goal-setting mindset. Congratulations.

If you have easy access to your 2015 numbers (or at least rough estimates), grab them. Take a look and see if those same numbers will be able to support any growth you have in mind for 2016 (think new employees, more/better office space, new equipment, more exposure, etc.). For most entrepreneurs, the answer is always “no,” because it’s in our blood to want to ambitiously grow year after year.

So, if we can agree that we want MORE out of 2016, let’s discuss four tips to help focus our marketing ideas for 2016.

  1. Start with FUN. Get out your marketing wish list and put down something you’ve wanted to do that you’ve been putting off. Get energized for another slugfest year in business by reconnecting with all the fun ideas you’ve had. The ones that always wind up on the proverbial back burner. (Or the literal one, if you’re a chef.) Want to do a new video for your website? Anxious to give your website a facelift with more interactive features? Wishing you could send your loyal customers branded tchotchkes, like corkscrews, bookmarks, stress dolls, hoodies, etc.? Well, 2016 is the year to mark these off your wish list and do them, dammit.
  1. Get Clear. Your small business likely bobbed and weaved, ebbed and flowed throughout 2015. You have more defined processes. Better customer service. Different pricing. And possibly a different approach to how you offer your goods and services. This is the time to get that message so bulletproof that your potential customers will have no way of misunderstanding why you’re so damn special. We do this through a process we defined called The Code. Ask us about it, we’d love to share.
  1. Stay Connected with Those Who Keep Your Lights On. If your customer base has grown, you have likely struggled with maintaining a dialogue with your existing clients. It’s understandable, but now is the time to increase your efforts. There are more channels than ever available to stay in touch with your consumers. Think about all of your external communication (your newsletters, blogs, social media, websites, printed piece, etc.) Do all of those have a strategy that keeps them consistent and does your business justice by keeping customers connected?
  1. Leverage 2015. Did your company create some rockin’ content throughout 2015? If so, revisit it. Have your team look back over everything they created in 2015. Determine which efforts had the most impact and think of creative ways to distribute the good stuff again this year. Good content isn’t meant to be published and then die; you want to get some life out of good, effective content. Think about making sure everything is linked across your different outlets and consider translating real-world pieces onto the web and taking your web piece into the real world.

Good luck! 2015 was an encouraging year for small businesses and 2016 now becomes The Year of Crushing Numbers for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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