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Meet Matt Levitt, Founder/CEO of Tahoe Blue Vodka.

Tahoe Blue Vodka is top-shelf stuff. But their company needed to be more than a deliciously smooth vodka.

It needed a culture.

So we wrangled focus groups. Found out what customers were really thirsty for. Then we gave TBV a story. One that placed the brand in its ideal environment and in the glasses of the right demographics. One that made TBV far more potent than just what’s in the bottle.

We design all their sexy visual advertising. From magazine covers to in-bar table tents. Airwaves (Pandora, TV) to airport signage. Delivery truck wraps to billboards.

Now, customers don’t just buy the vodka. They engage with the brand. They belong to a culture. They identify as Tahoe Blue Vodka people.

(Then they keep buying.)

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Taking Things to the Next Club Level

Tahoe Blue Vodka isn’t just an impeccable spirit. It’s a culture. We created Club 72 as a virtual home for a diverse consumer base who — despite geography, profession, race or creed — all share their love for TBV’s product… and brand.

We keep club members (or Tahoe Blue Characters) engaged and happy via TBV’s content-rich e-publication, exclusive promotions, swag, and other pieces that reward customer loyalty and bolster it at the same time.

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