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Jade Bogan - Haven Massage & Health CenterBUSINESS TAKES HEART.

Meet Jade Bogan. Jade came to us with a big, bold idea: to create a comfortable, beautiful, casino-free atmosphere for resort-caliber massage therapy and aesthetic care.

We helped her name this big, bold idea Haven Massage & Health Center. We crafted their story and message before designing a meaningful logo and tasteful visuals to complement Haven’s charm — consistent from her homepage to her building’s interior design. After identifying Haven’s ideal clients, we built and priced its offerings and devised the strategy to get people in the doors for more than just a visit.

Today we handle Haven’s complete marketing strategy. It’s a wide net ranging from aptly placed print ads to targeted online promotion to seasonal sales-boosting campaigns and contests. We keep clients connected both digitally (social media, email marketing, newsletters) and with a classic, tangible touch delivered in print via snail-mailed thank-you notes, stationery and beautiful brochures.

It’s a pleasure watching Jade see her dream unfold, hear its voice, and feel its impact on a base of clients who have made her Haven their home away from home.

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What’s in a name?

When you’re creating a business built on atmosphere, a lot. Jade’s vision was special. She needed a name that sounded welcoming yet professional, top-caliber yet charming, resplendent yet completely un-hoity-toity. For a spa providing blissful yet wellness-focused massage treatments. That place became…

Haven Massage & Health Center

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