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Makaila Heinbaugh - Dog Gone Amazing Education CenterBUSINESS TAKES COMMITMENT. MEET COMMITMENT.

Meet Malaika, owner of Dog Gone Amazing Education Center. Making yourself heard is important. Especially when you’re a Dog Trainer. So we used our marketing tricks to help establish Dog Gone Amazing Education Center as the leader of her industry’s pack.

Before Bareknuckle, Malaika’s vision of an exclusive “members-only” dog training and boarding facility (open only to enrollees and graduates of her school) was unique, her training program was proven, and the market was certainly there. But standing out was … ruff.

We redesigned DGA’s logo and gave her business a look. We sniffed out who her clients should be and exactly how to fetch them. Then we unleashed a content-rich website and constant blog to skyrocket her brand’s online visibility to Number One (on Google and other search engines).

We commanded new clients with print pieces and targeted ads. (Hell, we even branded bags for “business” of the doggy variety.) But more importantly, we got them to “stay” with e-newsletters and other engagement plans that helped Malaika build her client-base into a real community.

Helping Malaika become top dog of the Reno canine training world has been an absolute treat.

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