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Josh & Whitney Deri - Blend. A Catering CompanyBUSINESS TAKES TASTE.

Meet Josh & Whitney Deri: mobile caterers, extraordinary chefs, re-branding success story.

Despite their top-school culinary education, classical training and boundless capabilities, their former brand just didn’t fit. “Dough,” as their business was called formerly called, grossly mislabeled them. The name, the look and the message misled would-be clients to underestimate their delicious talents and expect less of their five-diamond potential. (And to think they just baked cookies and doughnuts).

So we gave them a name that paired with their style: Blend. A Catering Company. We gave them a brand that crafted a flavorful client experience from scratch to finish—from a fresh new logo and an eye-popping website to their work uniforms and even their van. We carved out a complete marketing action plan, detailing their strategy for paid advertising, promotions, social media and more, a recipe that pushed them into the spotlight.

Now, we’re proud to see Blend featured as “celebrity chefs” and selling out major culinary events. And we’re honored to help Blend deservedly keep on rising in a way “Dough” may never have had the chance.

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Rebrand Ingredients: The Right Blend

“Dough” was fun, cute, youthful.

But Josh and Whitney were so much more than that. Highly educated, classically trained, real-world seasoned, and boundlessly capable. (They also knew how to whip up a lot more than baked goods.)

So we gave their company a name befitting of their talents, and which evoked the creativity, personality and range of their modern-yet-timeless cuisine:

Blend. A Catering Company.

Unlike “Dough,” we think this one will stick.

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