Reno’s Expert Email Marketers

Today’s era of content marketing has a lot going on–social media, blogging, SEO, more–and it makes it easy to forget one of the most powerful online marketing tools: the infamous email. 

Well. Start remembering.

Email Marketing Is NOT Dead

But email is boring … That’s like, so, 2005 … Email? Next, are you gonna ask me for my AIM screen name? A/S/L, right?

No. No. And no. (But if you must know that last one: around 130 as a team / both / Reno).

Bringing up email marketing in Reno at a hip cocktailery might earn you a wave of eye rolls and an instantaneous blank stare smack in the face. This is because–like everyone says–email is boring. Well, it can be anyway. Receiving that budget request from HR on a Saturday night marked *URGENT* before going out on the town is the last thing you want in your life … we get that. 

Changing Your Mind About The Great Online Tool

Email can be useless and vastly inconvenient; you’re right. But its bad wrap is unfair. Consider the fact that nearly every working individual in America uses email, if not multiple email addresses, for some type of constant communication. Consider the fact that, unlike Facebook Newsfeeds and Twitter, email is checked regularly, often whenever someone feels that buzz in their pocket. And consider the fact that the Direct Marketing Association rates email marketing in Reno as nailing the highest Return on Investment (ROI) year after year, even over blogs and social media.

Email marketing is a powerful tool. Remember the last time you had an important conversation right there in the eye of the public on your BFF’s FB? We hope you can’t. And if you can, we recommend reading through Facebook’s privacy policy before crossing that bridge in the online equivalent of your birthday suit in the near future.

Emailing Your People (Your Customers)

On the flip side, email establishes an intimate connection with your targeted audience because your message goes directly to their inbox. You’re sending it to them for a reason. And chances are, it’s a good one. You have a message, you want them to hear it. When they do, they buy. Thus, email marketing in Reno converts your sales pitches into sales. Which is kind of the point, are we right? (We are.)

There are plenty of ways to spice up your email from a boring HTML boat to an intriguing invitation to untapped knowledge. From a tight, seductively openable subject line to a click-worthy content that drives users all over your brand’s universe.

Simply stated: email marketing in Reno–or anywhere for that matter–isn’t dead. In fact, it’s very much alive. It might just be that resource that’s been lying right in front of your nose the whole time. Well. Time to take a sniff. Go on. Yep. That’s the scent of your future success. Let’s get cooking.

Email marketing in Reno: you’ve probably been doing it wrong.