Impact, it’s the trace you leave after a first impression. Whether that impression comes from your business card, website, or through a conversation between friends, knowing your element and style as a business is the first step to packing a serious punch.  What’s more? All of these outlets should be emitting the same voice: the voice of your brand.

In the world of marketing, “more” has branded itself as “better.” Frankly, regurgitating uninspired marketing templates is far from effective. Influential marketing begins by weeding out distractions to make way for opportunities that could benefit your business. All that weeding requires strategy. That’s where we come in.

Bareknuckle helps you identify your spark, strategize the hell out of it and flesh out the personality and story behind your business.  You’re damn good at what you do, and we want to direct you toward marketing opportunities that will foster growth.

Enough with the entanglement of tempting distractions. Every event, promotion, and word uttered from the identity of your brand directly reflects your business. Do the stakes sound high enough yet? Here’s a story about one of our badass clients:

Meet Whitney and Josh Deri, an outrageously talented couple spearheading the fine dining arena with their charisma and endless creativity. Their story begins with a food truck and a mission: to expand into a limitless catering company that is as tasty as it is capable. They came to us with their business, then titled Dough, and shared their dream.

The elements were all there– phenomenal food, classical training and experience, genuine charm– but their marketing strategy wasn’t showing their serious credibility as high-end caterers. They just needed a badass branding renovation. After a beer and some Bareknuckle strategizing, their new brand was born.  Blend. A Catering Company is, well, a catering company. But they are so much more than belly fillers for events. These classically trained, charismatic chefs are reaching new heights in culinary possibilities in the Reno/Tahoe area. We helped  Whitney and Josh eliminate tempting marketing methods and hone in on their own unique details to elevate their business. Get a taste of their style on their website.

At Bareknuckle, we take branding off your plate, give it to you straight with our bold opinions, and get to work so you can do what you do best.

Get started here by buying us a beer.