Which Hocus Pocus Witch Are You?

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Are you a Sarah, a Winifred or a Mary Sanderson. Take our Halloween Quiz to find out everything you needed to know about your inner witch. 

Do you like to read boooooooks?

1. Yes.
2. Not Really.
3. What’s a booooooook?

What’s your transportation vehicle of choice?

1. Broom
2. Mop
3. Vacuum

Rats, you have Typhoid Fever. What are you watching on your sick day?

1. "Sex and the City"
2. "First Wives Club" and/or "Beaches"
3. The "Sister Act" Series

What color is your hair?

1. Brown
2. Blonde
3. Red

What were you like in high school?

1. You knew ALL the boys.
2. You spent most of your time pitter-pattering your fingers together in scheme mode.
3. You napped until lunch.

How do you like your children?

1. Over 18
2. In a stew
3. Over 18 and in a stew

What’s your superpower?

1. Electrokinesis
2. Hypnosis through song
3. You have one powerful sniffer

How do you wear your lipstick?

1. On puckered lips
2. On the side of your mouth
3. With a little bit on your two buck teeth

All 8 questions completed!

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Which Hocus Pocus Witch Are You?

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