Tahoe Blue Vodka is the award-winning champion of vodka in the west. Known as the Lake Tahoe Spirit, Tahoe Blue uses pure Lake Tahoe water in their vodka.

As the new vodka on the scene, Tahoe Blue needed to make a splash. We strategized and developed a full launch brand, website and messaging strategy to compete with the likes of Absolut and Grey Goose.

  • Web Design
  • Logo & Graphic Design
  • Brand Messaging & Design
  • Copywriting
  • Large-Scale Marketing Collateral & Brand Immersion

  • See more on their website: https://www.tahoebluevodka.com/


On top of the original brand work we did for Tahoe Blue, Bareknuckle had the opportunity for some killer brand placement as the vodka brand expanded all over the region. Two of our largest products to date with Tahoe Blue are the work we did to represent Tahoe Blue at the Sacramento Kings stadium and the San Francisco 49ers stadium. We were asked to think pretty big. Of course, coming up with their signature drink to serve at the stadiums was easy, the Tahoe Blue Vodka Frozen Lemonades, but there was more to be done. The BK team had the opportunity to not only design the Tahoe Blue Vodka scoreboard display at the Kings Stadium, but we got brand placement at all kiosks that served their Frozen Lemonade beverage too. This included kiosk headers, glass panelling, graphics on sliding door refrigerators, and completel brand immersion for King’s fans!

Tahoe Blue also needed a clear, well-designed and eye-catching graphic to roll on the 49ers endzone LED banner, and so the Bareknuckle team delivered.

And recently, Tahoe Blue Vodka went through a bottle design upgrade. This project entailed very detailed specs for coordinated printing, ensuring that the new design was represented beautifully on the bottle. Printing specifications and requirements are almost like a second language but the Bareknuckle team worked directly with the printer to get exact design and specs perfect! The new bottle design was two-colored so minor elements, like the UPC code, had to be adjusted. We made color adjustments to UPC codes to make sure we recreated it at 100% accuracy.


See more on their website: https://www.tahoebluevodka.com/ 


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