Swët Fitness is an all-in-one fitness studio in Reno that has made whole-body workouts convenient for anyone with a busy schedule. Full-time mom on the run? Chaotic work schedule? Can’t find anyone to watch the kids for today’s workout? Swët Fitness takes care of it all in one place.

As busy parents and fitness enthusiasts themselves, Gabe and Lacey established Swët Fitness as the fitness studio with full-body workouts, a Kid Fitness + Play Space, a Protein and Coffee Bar, and Spark Monthly Fitness Challenges. Their goal was to make it easy for anyone to incorporate workouts into their daily schedule. 

Gabe and Lacey wanted to create a brand that felt welcoming and inclusive, but that also communicated their workouts are the real deal. Our challenge was to create a dynamic brand that balanced the high-energy, results-driven aspects of the workouts with the family-friendly vibe that is so important to Gabe and Lacey. 

Inspired by their fiery attitude toward fitness and holistic living, Bareknuckle had a blast developing this awesome brand. We had some fun getting around the table and building every fitness-inspired element of this studio’s full brand launch.

  • Logo Design
  • Business Naming
  • Full Brand Launch
  • Copywriting and Brand Messaging
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Graphic Design
  • Gym Swag

From The Code:

Swët Fitness workouts are designed to give you a reliable, challenging whole-body workout that targets all the main muscle groups, triggers fat loss, and gets your heart pumping.

All of our 1-hour classes incorporate HIIT, conditioning, strength training, and cardio–we’ve done the research and the workout curation for you, so you can jump in and find your drive knowing the workout will work. Our class schedule includes workouts from 5am to 7pm, so no matter what your day looks like, you can fit in a workout at your convenience.