Beer, pizza, jams … what could be better? Record Street Brewing Co. had found the ideal location and historical building to kick off their gig. A place to gather with friends and family, enjoy some sunshine on the patio, and sip housemade brews while listening to local jams, it was bound to be Reno’s new hotspot.

Record Street owner, Jesse, came to Bareknuckle to craft a brand that aligned with what he had in the works. With a pizza menu that would make anyone hungry and a line of beers on their way from the new head brewer, the brand needed design that fit with the building’s existing features, messaging that spoke directly to the beer- and pizza-loving people looking for a good time, and showstopping design and naming for every one of the brewery’s new beer. 

Teaming up with Scotty Roller and our Austin, TX artist pals at 714 Creative, we crafted some one-of-a-kind beer labels for the faces of every new craft brew Record Street would be serving their customers.

  • Logo Redesign
  • Brand Messaging
  • Website Writing & Design
  • Packaging Labels

From the Code:
Night out with family and friends? Record Street’s scratch-made pizzas pair perfectly with a cold pint every night of the week (we’ve taste-tested this theory many, many times). 

Looking for some sun, catch up with pals on our spacious, dog-friendly patio. Never hesitate to hollar through the garage-door window if you’re thirsty for another round of pints; we’ve got your afternoon covered (just not covered from the sunshine if that’s what you’re after).

If you’ve been here, you know this place is your jam. If it’s your first time, you’ll just have to trust us. Pizza, pints, and some of our (and your) favorite people—we’ve got something you’re gonna love.

See more on their website: http://www.recordstreetbrewing.com/