In an industry like logistics, branding is rarely a first priority for business owners but the team over at RMS Logistics knew that professional branding could (and would) take their long-standing business from successful to absolutely booming.

RMS Logistics had been in business for over 20 years and had a successful run across the country, but they knew their brand was lacking the attention it deserved, so they came to Bareknuckle. Looking for a new name, brand messaging, flashy design, and a cohesive brand that everyone at the company could be proud to represent, we kicked off the process. Beginning with naming the business, which entailed creating criteria, brainstorming powerful names, and taglines, we landed on Novo Logistics. From there, we dove into Novo’s brand messaging, messaging that is down-to-earth and gave a spice of their character, and their brand design.

The next step in the Novo branding and marketing process was getting their new brand out there for the world to see. For us, this meant website writing and design, social media management, signage, print materials, employee swag, photo and video coordination, and an awesome video announcing their brand relaunch.

  • Business Naming
  • Brand Relaunch
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting and Messaging
  • Website Copywriting & Design
  • Relaunch Video Announcement
  • Social Media Management 

From the Code:
If you’re looking for real answers to your long-shot, head-scratching needs, Novo is the natural fit. We have the processes and the capacity to flex when you need custom support. As a Third-Party Logistics Company (3PL) we specialize in warehousing, manufacturing support, and dedicated facility services.  

Above all, we offer a reliable partnership, whether you need value-added services, storage support, warehouse management, or general labor. Our partners know us as the silent streamlining team—we make major strides without you having to check in or hand-hold. 

See more on their website: https://novo-usa.com/