Lone Star Trailers provides quality trailers, parts, and services for the Central Texas lifestyle. Since day one, Lone Star has worked hard to build their excellent reputation. Current customers love them for their quality, competitive pricing, and superb customer service. Of course, that’s never enough to set you apart. 

Without a brand, customers had no way of distinguishing them from any other trailer company. They needed a brand that backed their professionalism, expertise, and Lone Star signature value. 


Brand Strategy and Rebranding with Bareknuckle 

As a small-town dealer, Owners Kris and Amy French are proud to run the area’s most knowledgeable and friendly trailer dealership.

Kris brings the knowledge–he grew up working on his father’s trailer lot. He knows everything there is to know about trailers (it’s impressive).

Amy brings the warm and welcoming atmosphere. She’s also the queen of fantastic customer service. Together they have built a rock solid company, but they were still missing a brand to tie it all together. 

In an industry with little-to-no branding focus, Lone Star Trailers relaunched their company with Bareknuckle to position themselves as the leading trailer company in Central Texas.

Central Texas is home to a large community of outdoorsy families. Many residents also rely on trailers to perform their work. Because of this, there are dozens of trailer companies in the area competing for the same audience.

Lone Star Trailers was riding on reputation to get people through the door. Now, they’re ready to amplify their marketing efforts to blow the competition out of the water.  

Together, we dialed in on their inviting brand, and showcased their community and family-driven customer service. 

  • Rebranding
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Copywriting and Brand Messaging

From The Code:

We love offering a helping hand with the important decisions surrounding your next trailer purchase. Whether it’s your 1st trailer purchase or your 40th, when you step on our 10-acre lot, we want you to feel taken care of every step of the way. Our family-owned business operates on family values: honesty, integrity, and genuine hospitality.

See more on their website: https://www.lonestartrailers.com/