The self-expressive and seriously inspiring writer, speaker, and daredevil, Karissa Block, never let an obstacle get in her way … not even a day filled with panic, cleaving meat, hospital rooms, and sawing off her own thumb! #NoDeadEnds

As one with quite the long list of eventful stories and potential dead ends throughout her life, Karissa Block came to us to brand herself as the obstacle-embracing storyteller she is. In a space full of inspiring stories, motivational speakers, and highly influential people, Karissa turned to Bareknuckle to help her launch a brand that would help her stand out from the crowd and put her in front of the people she aspired to help. 

Karissa wanted to create a brand that felt enthusiastic and optimistic while also bringing out her fun and bold personality. Our challenge was to develop a brand that balanced the self-expressive side of Karissa’s personality and the warm, compassionate, and healing side of the industry she is in.

With loads of inspiration and fire in our gut, the Bareknuckle team got together to launch a personal brand that told the stories of Karissa Block. And we certainly had a blast developing the connections-based project, The New Story Project, to kickstart her launch.

    • Full Brand Launch
    • Logo Design
    • Copywriting and Messaging
    • Social Media Guidance
    • The New Story Project
    • Marketing Collateral

From The Code:

Obstacles—the heavy, messy, throbbing ones—feel to me like dead ends. On several occasions in my life, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do next. Fortunately, I’ve always been drawn to making a move, and I’ve charged forward even when I wasn’t confident I was headed in the “right” direction … at least I was moving. I’ve learned that carving out a detour trumps standing still and doing squat.  

At some point, I started accepting that what happened to me would only help me heal. I just kept taking steps—mostly forward. When it feels like the end of the road, I say pave another one … or go off-roading. Find it in yourself to embrace the messes, accidents, and miseries that alter your original life path. The obstacles might feel like dead ends, but they don’t define you.

See more on her website: https://karissablock.com/