Our beloved pets love some delicious and tasty food too, and they need it to be healthy and natural in order for them to keep running around and be their best playful selves.

Animal lovers, farmers, and owners of High Sierra Raw came to the Bareknuckle crew with an idea to sell their farm-fresh USDA-certified beef packaged as raw, natural pet food. After getting into their heads and understanding their vision, the team went through a naming strategy, developed appropriate and on-brand messaging, and designed High Sierra Raw visuals, including a one-of-a-kind logo.

After getting the thumbs up from the High Sierra Raw team, we moved into website writing and design, packaging, and ongoing marketing materials.


  • Business Naming
  • Messaging and Direction
  • Logo & Visuals
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Copywriting
  • Website Design

    From the Code:

    How it Works

    1. Subscribe

    Sign up for a Pet Loaf subscription on our Shop page. Choose the right size for your dog(s).

    1. Beef and Only Beef

    Your dog deserves fresh, whole food ingredients too. No fillers, No grains, No Soy. Our ingredients are simple–beef and that’s all. We use only USDA-certified beef ingredients in the raw food we feed our pups. Ingredient list: beef, beef liver, beef kidney, and finely ground beef bone.

    1. Delivered To Your Doorstep

    Have a cooler waiting for us and we’ll deliver your frozen Pet Loaves right to your doorstep every other week before 8:30pm. Your pup will be drooling at the front door!

    1. Pop It In Your Freezer

    Pet Loaves are delivered frozen and need to stay frozen until served to your four-legged friend. Loaves are individually packaged in 1lb loaves for easy storage.

    1. Thaw And Serve It Up

    Before serving a Pet Loaf, thaw it in the refrigerator. Once thawed, it’ll save for up to 3 days in the refrigerator.


    Feed your dog(s) tasty, natural, healthy raw proteins is as easy as that!


    See more on their website: https://highsierraraw.com/