Wrapping paper, throw it away. Greeting card envelope, toss it. Gift bow … keep it! Hennessy Gift Wrap’s Repeat-a-Bow™ was designed to make sure plastic gift bows make it to the landfill five times slower, making gift wrapping a bit more eco-conscious and the earth that much happier.

Hennessy Gift Wrap owner and innovator, Danny, was on a mission to make gift giving (and wrapping) a more sustainable activity between friends and family. Coming to Bareknuckle with the idea, our team set forth to name the reusable gift bow product, design the Hennessy gift wrap logo and product labels, and put together a sales sheet. Danny’s ultimate goal was to get the Repeat-a-Bow™ in stores across the region, and a cohesive, clean brand was the first step toward that goal. The team also worked on a sales sheet for the Repeat-a-Bow™ that featured all of its features and coordinated a How-To-Use video, along with our friends over at Little Wild, to show exactly how the Repeat-a-Bow™ works.

  • Logo Design
  • Product Naming
  • Packaging Design
  • Sales Sheet
  • Video Coordinating

See more on their website: https://hennessygiftwrap.com/