Free Agent Lifestyles takes the “waiting” out of the new career paths of professional athletes—waiting on that next call, waiting to get in the game, and waiting to hear about that new big contract that’ll take an athletic career even further. 

As former Free Agents themselves, owners Jerry and Reggie had been through the What’s Next? stage before. They recognized that the purpose and wealth of Free Agent athletes wasn’t solely tied to their sports—there was more out there for them, and they knew they could help them take control of their next steps. Free Agent Lifestyles brings skills and experience to the table and helps Free Agents everywhere take control of their careers and grab that What’s Next? too. 

With the help of the BK team, Free Agent Lifestyles became the brand that could take any athletic career beyond the game. Jerry and Reggie wanted to create a professional brand that spoke to those with an athletic career who were consumed with rigorous training schedules, constant travel, and pressures to perform their best. These athletes barely had time to look beyond their next game and needed someone to look out for the next steps in their career. Our challenge was to create a brand and messaging that spoke directly to these people and made them feel confident that Free Agent Lifestyles had their back. 

With a professional look and an optimist brand, Free Agent Lifestyles displayed the professionalism and expertise to help support athletes just like themselves.

  • Brand launch
  • Logo design
  • Copywriting and Messaging
  • Print Design
  • Brand Swag

From The Code:

When you’re fully engaged in your athletic career, there’s not much room to think about anything else. Between your rigorous training schedule, constant travel and the surrounding pressures to perform, there’s barely time to look beyond the next game. When you’re in it, you’re in it.   

At some point, your contract will end and you’ll be ready to look for your next move. Free Agent Lifestyles knows the end of your sports career marks the start of What’s Next. As former free agent athletes ourselves, we’ve been through the transition. Sure, we had some stumbles, but a career in pro sports trains you to always get back up, right? We’re now better positioned to help others avoid those stumbles during the What’s Next period.