What do you get when you have photography, videography, awesome music, and a giggle-inducing photo booth all in one? An Epik event!

Epik Weddings & Events doesn’t shy away from doing it all. They found their niche in providing an all-in-one sort of experience to their wedding, corporate, and event-planning clients. With years of hard work in photography, videography, DJing, and photo booth setup, Epik is sure to take any event to the next level. With a powerhouse team that has brought a range of skills to any event for years, owners Erik and Francis knew they needed a powerhouse brand to complement them. 

Erik and Francis wanted to place themselves at the top of their industry. They knew that their all-in-one concept was valuable to their clients and they wanted to elevate their position in the event and entertainment market. Our challenge was to create a brand that did just that—elevated Epik Weddings & Events to show their clients that they were taken care of … now matter what situation presented itself during their event.

The Bareknuckle team worked on the appearance and cohesiveness of the existing Epik Wedding & Events brand and established the brand to complement their Epik one-in-a-lifetime event services.

  • Brand Relaunch
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Messaging and Copywriting
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Design

From The Code:

The greatest love story of all time is the one you get to live. Let’s amplify your love story on your wedding day and let everyone around you experience it. We’ll give movement to your love story through vibrant music that gets people dancing. We’ll keep attentive lenses to capture the sights and sounds as they unfold (don’t worry). We’ll make sure everyone fully experiences your love story on this milestone event–one you’ll celebrate again and again for the rest of your life. Congratulations.  

You’ve got a love story—the greatest love story—and we’re here to help you tell it, show it, feel it and live it out loud.

See more on their website: https://epikweddings.com/