Pedal to the floor, hands on the wheel, and an open road ahead. Cool Classics International has the classic cars that car enthusiasts have had on their mind, on their wishlist for years.

Businessman and long-time classic car collector, Henrik Jorst, came to Bareknuckle with his classic car dealership in need of a brand upgrade. Henrik and his team worked with dedicated car collectors and bought and sold some of the world’s most beautiful classic cars, and they needed a brand that portrayed exactly that. First developing messaging focused around the dedication Cool Classics had for helping car collectors find their one, we then dove into the visual aspects of the brand. Cool Classics was presented with a new logo that was flashy. It was classy. It was cool. The new brand aligned with the prestigious work the Cool Classics team did and was developed to make great first impressions for potential car-buyers.

  • Rebrand
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting and Messaging

From the Code:
At Cool Classics International, we help other classic car enthusiasts locate the car their collection’s been missing, or acquire their first. Whether what you’ve had your eye on is stateside or across the globe, we can deliver on all your expectations. With international shipping through our trusted vendors, a team of industry experts, and a network of enthusiasts who know just where to find what we’re looking for, CCI is here to get you your classic.  

There’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve got your hands on the steering wheel of the one, and we know that feeling. Let’s make it a reality.