Breadware, an IoT engineering firm, was growing fast and approaching a hard pivot in their business trajectory. They were ready to become the online hub for all things IoT, but they were unclear on how to make this dramatic change without confusing their current client base.

The idea was to expand from engineering firm and become the marketplace for IoT products. Companies across industries could shop around for IoT solutions on their platform, find the right engineering firm for the job, and get support from the Breadware team. They had some clear objectives with this rebrand: 

  1. To educate industries on the world of IoT and how it can improve their work
  2. To educate IoT and software engineering firms about the Marketplace
  3. To introduce the “marketplace” concept to the IoT world 
  4. To encourage industry professionals and engineering firms to look to Breadware for all their IoT needs.

Breadware worked with us to create a brand progression strategy, which would allow them to embark on this new chapter of the company and position themselves as a brand both IoT engineers and industry decision makers could rely on to step into the “smart” world. 

  • Branding 
  • The Code
  • Logo Design 
  • Graphic Design

“Considering where to go to find support with your IoT project?  

Breadware is where.  

The Breadware Marketplace is where hundreds of thousands of people find hundreds of thousands of answers and solutions from the world’s most capable IoT firms. The Marketplace is designed to help you get inspiration, get direction and get things moving. Browse product photos, compare vendors, find support. 

The Breadware Marketplace: It’s where the Internet-of-Things things get done.”

See more on their website: https://breadware.com/