Anonymous Science launched its home bio-test brand when its team of chemical engineers designed a flagship product for scientific self-discovery, the DISC.

These awesome scientists designed a product for home bio-tests to better understand their own  metabolic system. Their innovative product, the DISC, extracts metabolites, like THC, from urine samples. The DISC allows home-users to learn more about how their body metabolizes certain components. Pretty cool, right? 

Anonymous Science turned to Bareknuckle to launch its innovative and science-minded brand. We strategized and developed a full brand launch with product packaging to stand above and beyond their competition.

  • Full Brand Launch
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Copywriting and Brand Messaging
  • Marketing Collateral

From The Code:

 If you live in a state that’s cannabis-friendly, but work in a professional environment that still requires random drug screening, you have a right to know ahead of time how your sample will test. Have the confidence in knowing what’s going on in your body and discreetly perform your own home tests. If you’re in a position where others impose random screenings on you, you deserve to first know how you’ll perform on those screenings, in the privacy of your own home.”