What do you get with organic rare-earth essentials and remineralized soil? You get ACTpure products … and nourished, thriving plants! From house plants and home gardens to landscapers and large-scale agriculture, ACTpure products can do it all.

ACT produces the line of ACTpure products—all-natural, mineral-rich “rock dust” soil amendments. This earth-conscious brand searched Lake Lahontan, a freshwater lakebed located in Northern Nevada, for dried, ancient gastropods. The trace minerals they found were from 200 million years ago when the ancient freshwater inland sea was thriving with a diverse range of species, including the gastropods. Now that they were dried and full of nutritious benefits, they were just the nutrient they needed to help the life of microbes, plants, animals and humans thrive. ACTpure products are great in helping all kinds of plants live long, mineral-rich lives. 

This women-owned business had a goal to tap into three different markets with their new and improved successful, credible, and focused business—the house plant owner, the gardening or nursery retailer, and the large-scale agricultural farmer. ACT owners Randy and Lee came to us for some help rebranding their science-based business. Our challenge was to craft a brand that spoke to these three very different audiences and attracted each of them visually. And Bareknuckle gave them a new brand that met the needs of this awesome women-owned business.

  • Rebrand
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting and Messaging
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Website Design
  • Product Design

From The Code:

ACT is on a mission to restore essential minerals and nutrients to the soils that desperately need them to continue to nourish the earth’s plants, animals and humans. All ACT products are mindfully derived from an all-natural deposit of organic rare-earth essentials, rich in vital nutrients and minerals. The site of a rare, ancient, freshwater lakebed located in Northern Nevada, U.S.A. today this geological deposit offers key trace minerals not found anywhere else on earth, minerals that can replenish the integrity of soils everywhere.

See more on their website: https://actnevada.com/