Check out the local businesses around town that celebrate Earth Day all year long


Over the last few weeks, the Bareknuckle team has been up to our elbows in Marie Kondo-inspired tasks lately. We’ve been cleaning up our content. We’ve looked at making a move into one of those sparkly new Marie Kondo condos. And we’re looking for better ways to spark a little more joy around the office.

With Earth Day just around the corner, we’ve also been brainstorming about how we can incorporate a few earth-friendly habits into our everyday office life.

In our search for ideas, we’ve had our eyes peeled around town. We’ve noticed a few earth-friendly businesses in Reno who are incorporating green initiatives into their daily operations. We love seeing our community take sustainable steps toward a greener Reno. We want to take a minute to give them a round of applause. 👏👏👏


Reno Resilience

Reno Resilience is the City of Reno’s sustainability and climate initiative. They’ work to reduce local greenhouse gas, creating an overall healthy community.

The action plan they developed contains a day-to-day calendar with eco-friendly actions: composting, being energy smart, ditching plastic shopping bags and biking to work instead of driving. They also monitor and measure the city’s progress and sustainable work budding in our community.


Atlantis Resort and Casino

The Atlantis was Northern Nevada’s first hotel to implement an organics recycling program. Go Atlantis! They were also awarded a Four Green Globes certification by Green Building Initiative (GBI) for their extensive list of energy-efficient movements.

They’ve had quite a few initiatives in place since 2005, some of which are the use of low-energy lightbulbs, water-efficient showers, biodegradable laundry detergents, EPA- approved mattresses and energy-efficient dishwashers. They’re partners of Tesla’s Supercharger too. The property has six Tesla Superchargers, two standard charging stations and two Chargepoint EV charging stations.



Coffeebar sources their coffee responsibly. No waste for this rad brand. They give their coffee grounds and food waste to local farms through the local program Down to Earth Reno. Their recycled compost reduces unnecessary waste in landfills, prevents groundwater pollution and is used to nourish the soil for future farming.


Greatful Gardens & RootEd

Greatful Gardens is a proud partner of Reno’s own RootEd. Ever heard of ‘em? They’re a local non-profit that serves the community by building greenhouses for local schools, homeless shelters, community gardens, and other non-profits. They’re really working hard and getting their hands dirty teaching young minds about how they can make a difference in our community by participating in earth-friendly practices.  


Pignic and Noble Pie

Notice fewer straws available around town? Pignic and Noble Pie spearheaded that initiative here in Reno. They were the first to use paper straws instead of plastic, which is a simple but brilliant solution to a huge problem.

These businesses also serve drinks without straws whenever possible, and only provide straws if people ask for them.


Great Basin Food Co-op

Through Round Up for Food Justice, Great Basin Food Co-op works hard to support agricultural programs, research, business start-ups and a few other local green activities to help increase the supply of local food practices that use renewable resources. They back our rural food systems in their efforts of environmental clean-up for agricultural farming and economic impact.


Down to Earth Composting

As our neighborhood, earth-friendly businesses in Reno, these compost collectors, Down to Earth Composting, offer composting services to our area. They give buckets to locals to fill up with their compost, and then they’ll come pick it up and take it away once a week. Then, twice a year, they’ll give you your finished compost which you can use in your garden or house plants. How’s that for eco-friendly fertilizer?



Need Some Green-spiration? Here’s What You Can Do!

Here’s how you can make an earth-friendly step forward to celebrate Earth Day:

Get Help From an Expert. Summit Sustainability, a local sustainability consulting firm, is offering an Introductory Sustainability Assessment for Earth Day at no charge (usually a $1,200 value). Summit Sustainability can help you lower your operating costs, examine possible areas of risk and identify next steps in a journey towards a sustainable future. Sound interesting? Shoot Liz an email at liz@summit-sustainability.com.

Go Plogging! If you’re a self-proclaimed multitasking type, you’ve gotta try plogging. Yet another ingenious invention from the Swedes, plogging is the act of jogging while picking up litter around your community. Grab a roll of trash bags and a few of your favorite, somewhat in-shape friends, and jog around a frequently used path so you can pick up trash along the way. It’s as easy as that!

Start Composting. Join the Bareknuckle team and (finally) start composting! Down to Earth Composting is offering free composting services until the end of April. That’s right … free! You have no excuses now. Sign up here!