We’ve been pretty busy over the last few months, introducing new talent to our crew, tightening up our procedures and partnering with more hardworking business owners–building a brand that jumpstarts their business. In these fast moving times, we’re looking back at where we started—way, way back before Bareknuckle became the unshakable, creative powerhouse it is today.

Building A Brand Independently

Owners Ali Alden & Bill West ran separate successful businesses (Ghostwest and Dexter Design House) before merging and launching Bareknuckle. Back before it all went down, they were trudging through inconsistent partnerships and watching customers settle for less than they needed. They were fed up with the smoke and mirrors mentality of the industry, and they were determined to change it. 

They wanted a brand that would best represent what we’re all about as business owners and brand builders. Bill wanted structured collaboration to work with sharp minds that supported his linear tendencies. Ali wanted a creative environment, where things actually got done. Together they formed a reliable partnership and established a reputation for digging up gold mines that business owners unknowingly sat on.

While Bill and Ali were exhilarated by this newfound partnership, they were still running their own separate business, which threatened to be an obstacle for clients. Clients constantly questioned, “Who are we working with? Dexter or Ghostwest?” The answer was both, and it had been for the better half of a decade.

They couldn’t go on assisting others in rebranding without a suitable brand themselves. So they reimagined what they were as a team, and Bareknuckle was born.

Why Bareknuckle?

Ali and Bill wanted to form a business that secured a balance between innovation and reliability, for our clients to benefit from our work, even if that meant giving them the honest-Abe truth. So we took a long look at what we’re made of, what fuels us, what lights our fire and keeps us working through the night for you (though, not without a beer).

We found we were doing a lot of fighting on behalf of our clients. We chose Bareknuckle because we’re about going “all in” for our clients and have an honest “no-nonsense” approach to our work. We stay in your corner, and we don’t take on anyone else in your industry. That’s loyalty, that’s what we’re made of.

We helped stand-up companies show the world what they’re damn good at. We wanted to work with business owners that were putting as much sweat in the game as we do fighting for them. And we love working with bold, ambitious, business owners and entrepreneurs. We are your brand champion because we show you what you are and what you can be.

We were bold, a lot of people weren’t ready for it. Our clients were used to working with people that were late on deadlines, that would give them the go-around and did what they wanted in the name of creative freedom. We don’t believe in that. We either make it happen or tell you why it doesn’t line up with the goals you bring to us. Our business model is as real as you’ll find. That’s the way business should be, and that’s the big why that founded Bareknuckle.

There is no inventing here, only revealing. We’re not here to take orders, we’re here to listen to your goals, roll up our sleeves and reveal your authentic brand for all the grit and glory it’s worth. We want to make this damn thing a reality.

We value this collaboration. We offered a service no one else in town was willing to ante up–we LISTENED. Attention is a rare and valuable commodity for designers and writers. We believe it should be a guarantee. We might push back, but you’ll know we heard you, and we thought about what you said first. We took the screen down, we’re shaking your hand and listening to your goals and concerns.

We only hire the boldest scrappers, strategists and storytellers. We go all in for our clients and have the best of the best of the best on our crew. Our band of wildly creative and capable brand makers has doubled in this last year, and we’ll continue to expand our talent and go all in to design, write, support, and fight for you.