This earth revolves around two things: the sun and social interaction.

In this oh-so-modern era of technology-saturated communication, our lives seem to be defined by likes, shares, comments and followers. Ethicists: say what you want about social media and its affect on humanity. It won’t change this undeniable absolutism: social media is critical to content strategy and content marketing in Reno and far beyond.

How does social media impact content strategy?

Fortunately, there’s a great deal of data on the subject mined by “scientists” across the planet, including some from the search engine masters. Unfortunately, not all of the answers are as clear as we would like them to be. What we do know is this:

Google’s Got Personality

Personalized search results have made navigating the Internet more efficient than ever. If not a little scary. But when you’re connected through social media sites, your search results are more easily tailored. For businesses looking to boost content marketing strategies through search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, establishing yourself with organic and comprehensive social media platforms is crucial for reaching clients.

Social Activity Drives Site Visits

As platforms work to become ever more insular, geeks like us debate whether social media activity (likes, shares, blah, yadda, etc.) continues to boost SEO results. But no one doubts the correlation between a strong social media presence and increased website traffic. If users connect with your brand on their social media profiles, they’re much more likely to visit your site or become a conversion (you know, buy something).

Personal Personality

Being on social media just to be there (e.g. just to show the selling points of your brand or products) is so 1.0. Using it to engage with real humans in real human ways builds trust with your clients. If your followers actually appreciate the relevant and valuable information you are offering them, they’re likely to like, comment or share your posts. This means more people see them. Which means your followers are doing your marketing for you. Which boosts authorship credibility and overall online presence. That’s a good thing.

Profile Ranking

Big brand companies’ social media links often appear on the first page of search results. You’ve seen it. You’ve typed in Wild Turkey and found their Instagram feed. However, this won’t happen to your business if your social media accounts give the shaft to content or organic quality.

The Big Search Engines and Social Media Titans will always keep duking it out. So we’ll probably never know exactly how social media sneaks in or gets allowed into ever-evolving search engine rankings. But we’re certain that those search engine ranks and social media content beds are powerful components of brand awareness and content strategy.

So get the guts of your strategy going. Buy us a beer and we’ll chat about how.