This week, we are giving a shout-out to our visionary client, Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio. The stylists at Caliber have a clear creative ambition and Bareknuckle has taken great joy in giving fine-toothed strategy to polish their brand and reveal their expertise to the world.  

Tres Benzley, owner and creative mind behind Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio, has this infectious zeal for the advancement of the hair and beauty industry. This is clear in everything he does. From training to fashion shows, his vision is vast and all-encompassing.

Caliber - Tres BenzleyIn the studio, he works under the credo that every person deserves a look that equips them with the confidence to take on their world. From customer service to education, his deep belief in the power of aesthetic influence inspires his every move. Every stylist at Caliber is required to complete the extensive, progressive House of Tres signature training track, developed by the master stylist and global educator himself. Caliber has been featured at Unite Global Session, the North American Hairstyling Awards, and New York Fashion Week. 

Here at Bareknuckle we are honored to work and strategize with Tres and his team as they expand their creative endeavors in the fashion and beauty industries. Caliber Hair & Makeup Studio has established itself as an influential voice in Reno’s local beauty industry and beyond. Tres Benzley and the stylists at Caliber possess an ardent commitment to their craft, and we are eager to see what they achieve in the coming years.