6 Reasons Why You Still Need Business Card Design

With smartphones, social media, and email at our fingertips at all times, the digital age might seem like it’s changing the way we network and communicate professionally. So do we still need to carry business cards around with us to hand out to the professionals we meet? And is it really even necessary to have professional business card design?

The goal with any networking or potential customer relationship is to stand out. Standing out from the crowd and staying top of mind is what we all want in business—it’s what helps us grow. Always having well-designed business cards to hand out to the new people you meet is a way to make that lasting first impression.

Here are 6 reasons why having business cards is still one of the best networking and marketing tools, even in this digital age.

1. Ease of Contact Information

The last time someone handed you their business card they wanted you to have their contact information—they wanted to remind you about who they are and stay top of mind. Having readily available contact information is vital when meeting other professionals and potential clients. And what better way to easily give someone your information that a business card?

Business cards are small, convenient, and easy to carry around. And people keep them. You probably have an entire draw full of business cards you’ve collected over time in your office desk. 

Sure, you could hand out your email or ask for theirs in order to send your contact information their way. Or you could provide your phone number to them and have them put it in their phone right then and there. 

But business cards are so much simpler than that. And they represent you and your brand professionally. It’s much better than just handing over a piece of paper with your email address written across it.

2. A Good First Impression

Well-designed business cards that are visually appealing build a visual representation of your brand. A professional looking business card that tells your brand story makes a great first impression of your visual brand and it becomes recognizable.

With appropriate on-brand colors, appealing on-brand fonts, and your branded logo, the details become noticeable. Not only is a well-designed business card a great visual first impression, but it also gives a quick and easy feel into your branded small business.

3. They Add A Personal Touch

Many handshakes end in swapping business cards. You’re sharing your brand and contact information directly with the new person you just met. It’s a personal and direct way to say thank you for their time and it helps build a relationship from that first introduction.

Your business card design is also an element that adds a personal touch. A branded design represents you as a professional and your brand in a way that says, “Hey, I want you to know who we are as a company.” And when your business cards are designed by a brand expert, it’s likely you’ll have an even more appealing way to personally introduce yourself and make that lasting impression.

4. A Direct Marketing Tool

You are marketing your brand every single time you hand out a business card. And you’re hoping that this new person will contact you for usually one of two reasons—to work with as a client or be interested in continuing your networking relationship. 

Stunning business cards are super important for marketing, identity, and communication because they’re directly marketing your overall brand. 

Always keep cards with you, whether it’s while traveling, at a networking event, or even when you’re going out to dinner. You never know when you might meet a potential customer or start to build a relationship with another business owner.

Also, have them with you so your contact information and brand is always with you and ready when you find yourself interested in building a professional relationship.

Have enough information on a business card that they’ll remember what your brand is all about too. Just be sure not to incorporate too much info on your cards. If it’s cluttered with information a business card can seem overwhelmed and tacky. A quick line or tagline about who you are and what your business does is good enough.

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5. A Great Networking Tool

As a small business owner, you probably know all about the stacks of business cards you give out (and rack up in your desk drawer). So it’s a great idea to always bring enough professional business cards with you—it’s not the greatest professional look when you have to tell someone you don’t have anymore with you.

Carrying on-brand, slick business cards will ensure you seem professional and always prepared. Someone new will now have your information readily available when they decide they need to contact you in the near future. 

They also work as a great networking tool even if you’re not present. Business cards can speak for you through someone who can attend an event when you’re too busy kicking small business butt to find the time to be there.

Give your business cards to an employee or partner to hand out for you and for your brand. Plus, it gives an added bonus of trust and confidence when you’re allowing someone else at your company to represent you and your brand. 

business card design


6. Brand Identity, Keeping Your Business Top of Mind

Let’s think BIG about how your business cards play a small, but critical role in the bigger brand marketing picture. Creating genuine, original, on-brand collateral that communicates your brand message across all media is key to developing great brand identity.

Social media, website, downloads, print pieces, packaging, sales scripts, elevator pitches, blogs, newsletter writing and way, way more—consistency is key. And business cards work the same way.

You’re selling yourself and your brand if your design is appealing and represents what you’re all about. It is a first impression after all, so make it a great one by displaying your brand image. Speak about your brand through the design and consistency of on-brand business cards.

It also helps keep your brand top of mind if you have a stand-out-from-the-crowd business card. Hire a designer that can design your cards to represent your brand’s identity in the best way possible.

Need A Designer To Design Business Card That Represent Your Brand?

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