Your content means nothing if you don’t appropriately package it for potential clients. If you feel your content isn’t getting the attention it deserves, there may be one undervalued detail you are missing: calls to action. A call to action in its most simple definition is a sentence or group of thoughts that tells the reader exactly it is that the author wants them to do.

In the world of creating valuable content that converts readers into customers, the call to action is one of the most critical components of your content creation. Without a call to action, even the best content can leave readers confused or wondering where to go next. Should they read another article about the topic? Are you asking them to contact your company for an appointment? Are you simply informing them for the sake of information? Here’s the Bareknuckle’s list of crucial calls to action to include in your marketing strategy.

Engagement  This call to action encourages readers to promote your content and share their thoughts.

Driver to other Content This underrated call to action is often the most powerful method to drive readers to other content that may be more appropriate for their needs.

Sign Up Here When readers sign up for newsletters, brochures or educational information, you learn more about your potential clients. This call to action encourages readers to tell you more about their interests.

Sales Oriented You want people to buy your product as efficiently as possible. Sales oriented call to actions have your back on this one.

Lead Nurturer While this call to action is similar to sales oriented call to actions, it takes it slow with your potential client. Typically, lead nurturing provides educational resources to warm up the client before purchase so they feel more confident about their decision.


While we’re all about the blunt approach at Bareknuckle, keep in mind that sounding cheesy or pressuring a reader into a sale with an overbearing call to action is almost just as bad as not having one in the first place.