Brewing Up Business Drink and Learn Stuff: Chill Out During The Holidays


It’s a crazy time of year. As a busy business guy yourself, you’re stressed, stretched thin, and are probably walking around like a zombie, despite the fact that Halloween is over. You can feel the end of the year nearing and the holidays inching closer. This is an exciting, yet overwhelming season for business.

Will it go smoothly? Are all of my ads, discounts, and holiday sales ready to go? Do I have my client gifts figured out yet? Gifts—oh no, gifts! I forgot about gifts for my employees. 

Chances are, these are the thoughts that have been going through your mind since mid-September, and they’ll probably be there until the holidays are over. You need a break, you have to take care of yourself. And you know? You should.

Even the busiest bees in business have to take a moment for their own sanity and focus on their wellness. You not only want relaxation, you need relaxation for the sake of your success. Without it, burning out completely could quite possibly be in your future.

So take some time for you, and only you, and make your wellbeing a priority, at least once this holiday season.

Self Care For Busy Business People

If you’re not prioritizing your wellness, it’s time to push pause and take care of yourself. We don’t like excuses, we all have at least an hour and a half of time to make sure we don’t go crazy, even if it means skipping out on that weekly networking event just this one time.

Here we go again! The team at Bareknuckle is gearing up and getting ready to chill out for this Brewing Up Business Quarterly Event: Drink and Learn Stuff.

Because this time of year is slammed for every hard-working business person out there, we’re changing the pace. This quarter, we’re going to be learning how and why to chill out during the busy holiday season. And lucky for those of you playing hooky from your networking event, you get the best of both worlds because we’ll be hanging out with business people. 

This event will be full of relaxation, wellness in the workplace, 60-second sanctuaries provided by local businesses on Business Row, and free beer and kombucha. 

We’re pleased to invite Rochelle Meji, Julia Arndt, Dr. Brie Moore, and Dr. Maureen McKennye to lead the discussion as our panelists and talk about prioritizing self-care and wellness for entrepreneurs and busy business people. Listen to them share their take on wellness in the workplace and provide ideas and tips for taking care of yourself and your employees. 

We’re incredibly grateful these brilliant and level-headed (because they’re so good at taking care of themselves) individuals agreed to chat with us about slowing down and chilling out. The Brewing Up Business Quarterly Event will be held on Wednesday, November 6 at 5:30pm at the new Reno Hive Co-Working and Incubation Space.


Rochelle Mejia

Rochelle Mejia is the Service Advisor and Program Manager for CoAuto, Reno’s only community conscious car care shop. 

Brewing Up Business Quarterly Event  As an outdoor, off-roading, fishing, camping, and sport-loving enthusiast, Rochelle isn’t afraid to get dirty and always has a smile while doing these things that light her up. This is what makes Rochelles the perfect smiling face to greet and take care of clients at the most unique auto shop in the world.

As the first face clients see when they take their vehicle to CoAuto, Rochelle welcomes and treats everyone like family. It’s in her nature, and she certainly fits into the family that CoAuto has going on in their auto shop. 

Rochelle is a core part of the CoAuto team and has been with them since the very beginning. For 5 years she’s been right in the middle of the ins and outs of the Community Conscious Car Care shop that’s all about taking care of their employees and their local community. CoAuto owners Vinnie and Anthony Lucido do weekly yoga with their team and have crafted a seriously one-of-a-kind environment for Rochelle and their employees. 

You’ll only find happy, taken care of, excited to get to work employees in the shop and the office of CoAuto, and Rochelle is the perfect example of that. Learn more about the community and wellness conscious business that Rochelle is so happy to be a part of at www.coautoreno.com


Julia Arndt

Julia Arndt is the founder, stress management trainer, personal development coach, and keynote speaker for Blue Mountain Mindfulness.

Julia chugged along in her corporate career for over 7 years before calling it quits, chilling out herself, and helping Brewing Up Business Quarterly Eventothers do the same. She knew she had more to offer, so she began helping people just like herself—people in high-pressure environments—rethink their lifestyle and create long-lasting transformations for themselves. 

In her first year alone, Julia trained over a thousand people at companies like Google, Uber Eats, and Compass to understand the effects of stress on the body and mind. She helped them move beyond burnout and build a mindful lifestyle that delivers focus, high energy, and productivity. 

Besides her Bachelor’s degree in International Management and her Master’s degree in Brand Management and Marketing, which she completed in two different countries and in three different languages (Impressionnante!), Julia is a Certified Life and Business Coach, holds a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Certification from the University of Massachusetts, and graduated from the Dublin Business School with a degree in Sports Psychology. 

Julia’s now the host of the podcast “Stressed – Deliver your Stress Resilience“, hosts in-house trainings and workshops for companies, and is a coach and speaker for stress management and emotional intelligence. “Stress Management is a skill that everyone can learn,” is what she always says. Learn more about Julia Ardnt and Blue Mountain Mindfulness at www.bluemountainmindfulness.com.


Dr. Brie Moore, Ph.D.

Brie Moore is a Nevada Licensed Psychologist who specializes in evidence-based treatment of psychological and behavioral health concerns in children.

Brewing Up Business Quarterly EventDr. Moore received her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Child Development. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno with a focus on behavioral pediatrics. For her pre-doctoral internship, Dr. Moore worked at the University of California, Los Angeles Semel Institute, Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, and Matel Children’s Hospital where she completed a year-long post-doctoral fellowship at the University Alliance for Behavioral Health in Reno, Nevada. 

Dr. Brie Moore specializes in the training and delivery of evidence-based treatments. Among these treatments are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (M-CBT). She works with children and families who experience a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and noncompliance.

Dr. Moore is also the author of The Handbook of Pediatric and Adolescent Obesity Treatment and holds an adjunct faculty position in the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is a founding director of Pinecrest Children’s Behavioral Health, Theory & Practice, and The Courage Project. 

The Courage Project is a Lake Tahoe-based nonprofit whose mission is to raise awareness, destigmatize mental health concerns, and enhance the lives of children who experience anxiety and depression through mindful engagement in inspiring outdoor adventures. 

Learn more about Dr. Brie Moore, Ph.D., The Courage Project, and her work as a children’s clinical psychologist at www.courageproject.org, www.pinecresthealth.com, and www.theoryandpracticereno.com


Dr. Maureen McKenney

Dr. Maureen McKenney is an Oriental Medicine Doctor, fully licensed acupuncturist, and the owner of one of Reno’s leading acupuncture clinics, Path to Wellness.

Before becoming an O.M.D. and acupuncturist herself, Maureen McKenney was relieved from her persistent allergies as an acupuncture patient. As a lifetime sufferer who had Drink and Learn Stuffexhausted nearly every remedy she came across, Dr, McKenney knew that acupuncture was the wellness remedy she had been looking for all her life, and she saw no other option but to pursue Chinese Medicine herself.

Dr. Maureen McKenney earned her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz, CA prior to opening Path to Wellness in her home town of Reno in 2003.

Creating an enjoyable place for holistic healing, Path to Wellness has made Dr. McKenney dedicated to her field in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, taking her around the country to extend her education and expertise in a variety of eastern medicine disciplines.

Learn more about Dr. Maureen McKenney, her journey with Chinese Medicine and holistic healing, and Path to Wellness at www.pathtowellnessreno.com.


Still Need Tickets? Grab’em Before They’re Gone!

Want to chill out with us, drink beer (and kombucha), and get some insight on how these three panelists propriortize health? The Brewing Up Business Quarterly Event, Drink and Learn Stuff is happening Wednesday, November 6 from 5:30pm-7:00pm at Reno Hive Co-Working and Incubation Space. Tickets for the Brewing Up Business Quarterly Event, Drink and Learn Stuff can be purchased here for $10 or for $15 at the door. 

Take a night for you, we’ll see then!