A logo is a big deal. It’s the face of your brand, after all. That’s not something you want to hire out haphazardly. You want someone that gets you, that gets your brand and understands the ideologies that set you apart from your competition. When you’re setting out to find just the person for the job, you gotta know what you’re looking for. Here’s our checklist that will guarantee you find a credible logo designer.

The Designer You Want.

  • They’ll ask a lot of the “right” questions. The designer should first ask about the type of business you run and the personality that backs it. It’s a good sign if they want to know more about your business, goals, history and clients. A good logo designer will make it about the audience and the business.  
  • They’ll Have Professionalism to Spare. A good logo designer will always come to the table with their own recommendations and provide their honest, professional opinion when discussing ideas with you.
  • They will have an explanation. If they take their job seriously, they’ll provide explanations of design choices that make sense for your business. They should have made the decision for the logo BASED ON THE BRAND.
  • They feel passionate about their best design recommendation. When it comes time to show you the final product, a good designer will confidently present one final logo, but will have similar secondary options as well.  
  • They consider the whole brand. Creating a new logo the right way means considering changes in the brand as a whole. By understanding the brand, the designer can dive into the juicy details of the logo–where it will be printed, displayed and all the other brand elements that go with the logo colors, textures, images and a vision for how the brand will be played out with this logo.
  • They have the right experience. A credible designer will likely have a background in modern design technology. Some may also have backgrounds as illustrators and multi-media artists.
  • They work at the forefront of the industry. Your ideal designer will be studious about design. They aren’t just stuck in their ways. 
  • They don’t cost $5 Getting your logo right is essential, it is the face of your brand, and you get what you pay for.
  • Your logo is ORIGINAL. Your logo doesn’t look like the work they’ve done for clients in the past.


The Designer You DON’T Want. 

  • They ask “so tell me exactly what you want.” If they’re asking you about themes, colors and overall design, they won’t be much help. There job is to create something that you couldn’t. If the designer is asking for a detailed summary of your logo ideas, find someone who will actually use their skills to surprise and impress you.
  • They’ve got money on their mind, not your design. If the first question the designer asks is, “can we negotiate a higher price?” Then you’ve found a money wrangler. When you’re paying them to be creative, their first questions should be focused on finding inspiration.
  • Deadlines are merely a suggestion. If the designer is flaky with deadlines, or continues to ask for more time without visual updates, their wasting your time and money. Go somewhere else.

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