We hear this question a lot from business owners. After becoming our clients, it doesn’t take long for them to see our answer.

What is that simple answer? Branding is everything.

Let’s cut this down.

Branding v. Marketing

Marketing gets sales. Branding secures loyalty … and, thus, more sales.

Sexy marketing persuades people to go buy Budweiser. Potent branding is what makes people identify that stuff as their true American beer for the rest of their life. (Even when it’s owned by Belgians.)

Marketing is a tactic.

It’s the string of actions you take to promote your business. Like buying an ad. Posting something on social media. Handing someone a business card. Hiring a biplane to skywrite a message over a stadium. 

Branding is a strategy.

It’s what’s behind the marketing. And everything else. It’s the purposeful, all-encompassing principles guiding all those actions. And every dollar you spend. It’s the reason that your ad evokes the feelings it does. Or that your social media post gets shared by a specifically targeted demographic. Or that your website already feels familiar to the person who only saw your business card. Or that those plane vapors spell a hashtag that brings people to your campaign.

It’s how you get things out there. But also how those things all connect and bolster each other. And it’s why work together to smack your clients and pull them in.

Your brand is the soul of your business.

It’s who you really are. It’s your character. It’s the thing that’s alive. It’s the salient combination of voice, look and style that people can actually feel, relate to, understand, experience.

Your brand needs a strategy.

One that moves those people to do just that. Not just to become your customers. But to become champions of your business.

It takes more than piecemeal, here-and-there marketing efforts. The spaghetti-at-the-wall approach just doesn’t stick.

Successful brand marketing takes a web of interwoven marketing. With astute timing. Catching visuals. And potent, relatable messaging that is consistent across all your platforms, channels and efforts. Stop wasting money watching projects hit the ends of their tangled, dead-end trails.

We can help with that.

Bareknuckle Brand Marketing

We pinpoint the right methods to market your business to the right people. But first we help determine who you are. What you have to offer the world beyond your product or service. What’s going to make you draw a crowd. And then stand out in one.

You came far to build your business. Now let’s go the rest of the way and build your brand.

Find out how we can Unlock Your Code and get to work. How we can get you started. To build your legacy.

Want to pick our brains? All it takes is buying us a beer. We’re ready for you.