What the Bareknuckle Team is Looking Forward to This Artown 2018


We’re creatives, and we love creative things — hence our love for Artown. As June mercilessly cranks up the heat and throws us into scorching July, all we can think about is cool arts and events at Artown. If you’re a Renoite, you definitely have an Artown event that makes the traffic and lack of parking worth it. This is what we’re hearing around the office (SPOILER ALERT: we all want to sit on the lawn and watch The Sandlot).  


Bill – Owner + Lead Eyebrow Raiser

“I think the Made in Nevada Marketplace is going to be killer. Plus, I heard there’s music at that event by local Reno rock legends The Electric, who play all Greg Golden cover songs.

I want to check out At the Illusionist’s Table, but it’s $250 and, well, I think I’d rather do something else with $250, like fly to Denver to see my sister.

I used to like going to movies in the park with my ex main squeeze, but I won’t be going to those this year … well, maybe for The Sandlot.”


Laura – Social Media Wiz + Jr. Designer

“I’m super excited to see Ranky Tanky play at Wingfield park … music in the park is one of my favorite events of Artown (aside from the dance performances). I love live music, but specifically this band is from Gullah culture (i.e. Gullah Gullah Island!) and I can’t wait to hear their sound. I imagine they have crazy awesome energy. What I am MOST excited for is Movie in the Park every Friday night! I try not to miss any.

You can bet your last paycheck I won’t be going to an event where artists perform a live painting of the Ace’s game. To me, watching baseball already feels like watching paint dry. No thanks.”


Mike – Sculptor of Brands + Web Geek

“I’ve cleared my entire schedule on Friday July 20 to prepare for Movies in the Park: The Sandlot. It’s a childhood treasure, and it might even be my favorite sportsball brotherhood flick. (I’m Ya-Ya, hands down).

I’m interested in the event At the Illusionist Table: Renowned Scottish Mentalist Scott Silven. Unfortunately I won’t go, not because I don’t want to, but because I will remember it’s happening the day after the event. Wait … it’s $250? Definitely not going.

I know for a fact I won’t be attending the Handweavers Guild of America: Sheep to Shawl Competition. I don’t see it being a particularly nail-biting spectacle … plus my wife says I can’t have anymore shawls, and I will be too tempted to bid for the winner if I go.”


Taylor – Lead Wordsmith + Content Nerd

I have made a pact with myself to go to at least two Movies on Tap events this year. I always want to go but then somehow miss them all! This year’s line up sounds pretty awesome, too: Mean Girls, Footloose, The Sandlot and Sound of Music. Get out of here, these are all singing the sweet song of my childhood.

As a member of Reno Improv, I’m also looking forward to our Unscripted Storytelling workshop on July 8. WARNING: plug coming your way. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘I like stories, and I’d like to feel supported as I try storytelling’ then this beginner-friendly improv workshop if for you. Come play with us!  

There’s a lot of other cool workshops this year too, but in all honesty I won’t make more than two of them. For example, I wish I wanted to go to Dance like the Greeks. It sounds fun, but knowing me I probably won’t go. The workshop I can for sure say I won’t be attending is the Snow Globes in July workshop. I’m a season purist and that’s that.”


Connor – Ringleader

“The Films on Tap events are easily my favorite part of Artown. They always have a great lineup of movies (this year has Sandlot AND Mean Girls!) plus some really awesome beers. I am really hoping the Film Feast series returns this year, that was a super rad event last year that really made for some of the more unique movie-going experiences of the year.

I really wish I could make it to the 18th Annual Art Paws — it’s like finger painting BUT WITH PUPPY PAWS instead of chubby toddler sausage fingers. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a puppy so I don’t really feel like I should go to this event. I’ll let the dog parents of Reno revel in the beauty of their canine companions without me.

I love live music, but you won’t ever catch me at the musical performances. Look, music is entirely subjective. There is no such thing as objectively bad music (except for modern country music, of course). So I am not saying these artists are bad or anything like that, I am just saying none of these artists appeal to me. I am extremely particular when it comes to music so, I refuse to put myself through a 25-minute folk-jazz set from a quintet of traveling Portland hipsters. If I can’t mosh, I ain’t going.”