The 10 Types of Clients As Your Favorite Holiday Characters

We love our clients. They are the spice in our eggnog, the pecans in our pie, the icing on our cut-out cookies. The best part about our clients is they’re all unique little snowflakes that give us joy in special ways. As an homage to all the creative agencies out there and your unique client relationships, here are a few types of clients as holiday characters.



This client only comes around once a year for a few things, but when they do they bring so much joy that strategy meetings turn into hugs and stories and ho ho ho‘s. And then just like that, they’re nowhere to be found again. It’s a weird relationship because they are the client of your dreams but sometimes you get that itchy feeling they don’t actually exist.



At first, this client seems sweet and all but just doesn’t have what it takes to lead their business. Then, on foggy Christmas eve, they end up proving everyone wrong and become your favorite client. Lesson learned: don’t judge a client by their face.


The Grinch

This client is cynical upfront, but willing to evolve. The trick is knowing how to speak their language, avoid stepping on their toes at all costs, and offer plenty of rewards for good behavior.


Frosty the Snowman

The seasonal client who runs amuck through your project calendar two months out of the year, but you love them anyway because they’re great at smiling through the chaos. Plus they can pull off a top hat like no other.


The Little Drummer Boy

This endearing client is short on capital, but BIG on heart. We all have one, but that’s all you need (or can afford).


Tom Hanks from Polar Express

The client who plays every role in his business and somehow remains calm-ish and productive. Also, you can’t help but wonder, “Whatever happened to Meg Ryan?” when you see him.


Elsa from Disney’s Frozen

The cold and mysterious client who is impossible to get in contact with at first. After what seems like an elaborate quest complete with a string of excellently crafted musical numbers and a plot twist, you find out their true desires and can work together in harmony.


Heat and Snow Miser

This client gives you the runaround, as you never know which mood you’re going to get that day. They like your work; they hate your work; they love it but they want to start over. Sometimes this hot-and-cold dance is because the client is a perfectionist who pushes your team to reach beyond their creative limits. Other times they’re just an unstable mess.


Buddy the Elf

The impossibly optimistic client with oodles of ideas and the energy of a 5-year old who polished off the Christmas candy when mom wasn’t looking and oh my gosh isn’t this world a beautiful place and let’s stay up all night and finish this complex project in the spirit of my business and does anyone have any maple syrup?


Mrs. Claus

The husband/wife of the business owner that we all suspect actually runs the show but doesn’t get near enough credit. He/she also happens to be a phenomenal baker.