The panelists for our inaugural Brewing Up Business Presents: Drink and Learn Stuff are so good at self-promotion. We actually probably don’t even need to blog about them.

However, we are going to be grilling them with questions at Cathexes LLC next week. Let’s get to know them real quick:

Nick Stanton- Partner, Writer, and Editor at Stanton Brothers

Before starting Reno’s newest, raddest video production company with his brother Chris, Nick Stanton was scribbling critiques and grades on our Ringleader Connor’s freshman English papers. He was an English Instructor at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Nick eventually left the University for a different kind of teaching. He become a certified yoga instructor at Rishi Yoga. On top of writing, producing, and editing video productions at Stanton Brothers, Nick continues to instruct mindfulness at Rishi Yoga. And he also serves as a teacher and communications officer at the Urban Lotus Project.

Oh, and he has a sweet tattoo written in Elvish (big Lord of the Rings guy).  

Courtney Baker- Owner of Gold Fever Glass and Realtor at Sierra Nevada Properties

Most people in their 20’s who find themselves with a stable, full-time job aren’t ballsy enough to leave it behind in pursuit of something more fulfilling. That’s not the case for Courtney Baker.

She’s a full-time Realtor with Sierra Nevada Properties and glass staining wizard at Gold Fever Glass. It wasn’t always glass art and home sales for the Reno native. She taught herself her unparalleled glass skills with YouTube videos and blogs.

Before throwing herself head first into the world of stained glass art, Courtney was the lead assistant at a chaotic dermatology office here in Reno. Once she learned the in’s and out’s of stained glass production and mastered the tricky art of self-promoting her exquisite creations, she left the skincare world behind. Courtney fulfilled her dream of being a full-time stained glass artist.

Ali Conway- Founder and Owner of Strange Bikinis

What do Mesquite, Nev. and Raw Artist Fashion Award-winning bikinis have in common? Ali Conway.

Hailing from Mesquite, Nev., Ali Conway is a Fashion Institute graduate who started Strange Bikinis after moving to Verdi, Nev. Sick of the mutual exclusivity between sleek design, comfort, and high price in women’s swimwear, Ali began making her own custom bikinis for friends.

There was no real need for self-promotion at first, her friends were so infatuated with the bikinis that they were spouting off on Facebook and Instagram about their incredible bikinis. It was there that Strange Bikinis was born. Now in its seventh year of business, Strange Bikinis has fans and ambassadors, a.k.a. Strangers, all around the world.

Want to learn more about how these three kick-ass biz owners self-promoted their way to success? Come hear them speak at Brewing Up Business Presents: Drink and Learn Stuff! on Wednesday, February 21, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here for $5 or for $10 at the door.