Last week we broke down the arty sciency strategy behind minor tweaks and how (and under what circumstances) they can be just as effective as a rebrand. This week, we want to dive into the wondrous world of a rebrand, and specifically how a local company decided to put itself first and sign on to more than a face lift, they opted for the full-blown makeover. If the puns didn’t give it away, we’re talking about the Dolce Vita Wellness Spa rebrand. Let’s grab our plush robes and get started.

Like most service-based businesses, we found that Dolce Vita was so ardently focused on caring for their clients that the brand became irrelevant. As a spa primarily concerned with self-care and wellness, it was about time the Dolce Vita brand enjoyed a long awaited rebrand.

The Challenge: After a thorough rebrand conversation with the owner, Nyla Allen, we discovered the name Dolce Vita (meaning sweet life, for those of you who failed Italian) didn’t really demonstrate the spa’s philosophy or services. As a wellness spa, the emphasis is more on holistic health and reconnecting with your mind and body to achieve optimal health. Since the business had achieved an award-winning reputation in the community, it didn’t make sense to change the name. So instead we adjusted the focus. The original brand played off the “sweet” part of the “sweet life”, whereas the new brand played up the “life” aspect.


when a rebrand makes sense


Because of the name and old brand pieces, Dolce Vita had spun an identity based on luxury. While there’s no debate whether a spa treatment at Dolce Vita is luxurious, the philosophy behind the experience is much more in-depth and compelling. All spas boast luxury, that’s nothing new. Dolce Vita needed to stand out. We wanted to bring its authentic perspective on spa experiences to life. The brand needed to directly illustrate this philosophy, so when clients experienced Dolce Vita they feel a renewed appreciation for themselves and for self-care, rather than that overplayed “escape” mentality we’re all trained to expect from spas.



when a rebrand makes sense


Owner Nyla Allen and the team at Dolce Vita are huge ambassadors for organic products and environmentally sound business practices. This didn’t read with the original brand, so we elected to emphasize this asset.


Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.07.30 AM


Highlighting the philosophy and voice opened new doors for the visual brand. It’s so cool to see the influence a rebrand can have on the business practices and services. The Rituals Of Touch Spa Experiences, a new collection of services, was spun out of this new brand. Dolce Vita’s Immersive Experience Treatments guide you through a restorative journey of the senses.”


Dolce Vita Rebrand


The team at Bareknuckle is extremely stoked for this new chapter of Dolce Vita. Interested in seeing this new brand in action? Stop by Dolce Vita lickity split.