It’s All in the Creative Business Name (Not Really).

In the game of business naming the hunt for a clever, meaningful name can lead you down a rabbit hole of trending words and hyped up methods. “Creative” is one of those buzzwords that misleads business owners to choose something obscure or irrelevant. You want to be remembered for the quality of your product or service, not for the confusing nature of your business name.

Choose Logical.

Consider this when strategizing for ways to stand out from the competition (and land at the top of Google searches):

  • Is your name easy to spell? If your creative business name is difficult to spell, customers will have a harder time remembering it.
  • Does your business work internationally? If you have an online businesses, then the answer is most certainly YES. Consider international etiquette when choosing a name. You don’t want to find out 2 years in that your name is offensive in another language. 
  • Take a look into the future. In 20 years, will your business name still make sense?

Choose Visionary.

The best names are rooted in your mission and values as a business. Your business name also acts as a constant reminder of your purpose. 

Choose Legal. 

This is often forgotten by creatives, but your name needs to be legal. Confirm that no one else is using your business name. Choose and register your business with SBA. Remember, this will not stop other businesses from trying to use your new badass business name. For that, you’ll need to apply for a Trademark.

Choose Bareknuckle.

Bareknuckle created The Code to provide business owners with a comprehensive branding strategy, and a badass team of experienced professionals to execute it.

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