Our long time client Dog Gone Amazing is nothing short of, well, amazing when it comes to behavior training & boarding for dogs of all breeds and ages. Owner Malaika has gathered some seriously friendly team members who get almost as fired up about these dogs as she does (to be fair, this woman has a one in a million heart for pups). Malaika’s dedicated clients and fantastic employees keep the brand strong and running, but DGA also made a significant change in their service options that helped clients see the value of their services.

Malaika believes the most effective way to train dogs is to have them board with DGA during training, and her methods have proved to be effective — her business keeps on growing! In its first year, Dog Gone Amazing offered 2 training packages: a 3-hour pick-em-up and 21-day board & train package. The 21-day package is an option unlike anything in the area, but what they were finding is that it was a long time for owners to be away from pets. Plus, the pick up program meant added stress for DGA that just wasn’t working out.

The packages increase in effectiveness the longer the dog is in the program, but there was a gap in the offered programs. The problem was customers weren’t comfortable being away from their dogs for a full 3  weeks, but 3-hour package just wasn’t getting the job done for the more … rambunctious dogs. This resulted in people misunderstanding the value of these two packages.

We saw the biggest package was a large commitment for most clients and they’d settle for the 3-hour option instead. While clientele continued to grow, many of them were left wanting more from their training.

So the small package was too small and the big one was too big. I think we know where this story is headed.

Finding A Happy Medium

We decided to add a 10-day board & train package for people who wanted more, but weren’t able to commit to 21 days without their pup.

pricing strategyAdding the third option was only the first step. Next, we created a simple yet informative visual to display these options so customers could understand the value of each option.

pricing strategy branding

Having the options visually explained next to one another helped customers understand the value of what they were already wanting. Surprisingly, clients began to see the value of the 21-day package too. We added the badges so people could gather what other customers gravitate to, and why.

So how did people suddenly become so interested in the 21-day package? This can be explained by the pricing psychology and reasoning that happens once a customer sees a range of options. Product ranges open the doors for personal negotiation —  if you see a reasonable set of options, it’s more likely you’ll choose the most valuable option. On the other hand, too many options can cause decision paralysis. So we stuck with three packages, each with a unique value depending on a customer’s needs.
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