Naming your business lays the foundation for the success of your company. With that said, your business name shouldn’t be chosen haphazardly just for the sake of having something to slap on your storefront. Understanding the product or service your company provides will help distinguish a worthwhile name from ineffective, punny or obscure names. If you’re a new business, or if you are considering rebranding your existing business, take a look at this case study about one of our accomplished clients.

Meet Whitney and Josh Deri, an outrageously talented couple spearheading the fine-dining arena with their charisma and endless creativity. They came to us with their business, formerly titled Dough, and shared their dream of becoming a limitless catering company. At this time their business was located in a food truck– a hot, cramped working space that wasn’t much of a creative environment. We naturally assumed they only sold doughnuts and other pastries. As we got to talking to them, we were shocked to discover that, not only were Josh and Whitney absolutely adorable, this couple had an extensive culinary background. By the end of the meeting were amazed they had ever succumb to a food truck at all. It was evident the name Dough did not tell us who they were. It was bland and underwhelming, which couldn’t be further from this wildly talented culinary couple.

The elements were all there– phenomenal food, classical training and experience, genuine charm– but their marketing strategy wasn’t showing their serious credibility as high-end caterers. They just needed a badass branding renovation. After a beer and some Bareknuckle strategizing, their new brand was born. We helped Whitney and Josh hone in on their own unique details to choose a name that elevates their business. Blend. A Catering Company is, well, a catering company. But they are so much more than belly-fillers for events. These classically trained, charismatic chefs are reaching new heights in culinary possibilities in the Reno/Tahoe area. Blend is more definitive of their culinary expertise. Get a taste of their style on their website.

We’ve been around the branding block a few times, and boy have we seen some less than successful business names. Think we could be the right match for you?

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