These past few months, the Bareknuckle team has buckled down to produce seriously awesome brand to the brilliant business owners that deserve them, whether brand new or fully remodeled. With each branding, we enjoy taking the time to share the work with other brand buffs and business owners like you. This week, we want to take a deeper look at a health mogul and mother who decided it was time to take her work seriously, so potential clients could finally do the same.

Meet Katania Taylor

Katania Taylor is an Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD), nationally certified acupuncturist and a dedicated advocate of clean, easily digestible health information. Her thorough research is aimed to keep your family healthy and informed, without all the overwhelm. She is a woman and a mother on a mission, but she came to understand that, without a brand, clients weren’t convinced of her credibility. Katania needed a brand that stood behind her ambitions—an image that was rooted in her beliefs, while also flexible enough to adapt to quick initial growth.

We Decided on 3 Main Goals:

1. Establish and promote her credibility, not as a health coach, but as a strong mom with a clinical background.

2. Create an approachable messaging strategy that can be accepted by a diverse population of families.

3. Expand her helpfulness and create an easy-to-follow tool derived from her research and personal experience.


Our Solutions

We gave her an appropriate title. Katania’s tone had her standing somewhere on the spectrum between medical doctor and mommy blogger, though her medical expertise positioned her in an original sub-category of “family health expert.” For this reason we chose to use her name as the name of the business. Showcasing her personality is a huge part of understanding what she does and why there is a need for her work. To complement the Katania Taylor Brand–and to differentiate her brand from her person–we also created her new title, “Decoder of Health Mumbo-Jumbo.” This helps clarify her purpose without sounding like a stuffy, unapproachable clinician.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 1.36.46 PM

We developed a program people could latch onto. Katania is dedicated to simplifying the chaotic, often contradictory health information provided by doctors and the internet. In her clinical career, Katania has researched everything, but she had not yet formulated an accessible way for clients to use this information. Together we adapted the N.E.S.T. — a four section program for family health. With this program, Katania is able to “Taylor” the N.E.S.T. to a family’s own health plan. (See what we did there?)

naming your business program


The N.E.S.T. is comprised of four sections: Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements and Thinking. This customized health plan helps families tackle and treat specific health issues in an easy-to-follow strategy.

We Designed Her Website. While Katania was inspired by her personal health struggles to pursue alternative medicine and research, it was crucial she didn’t fall into the mommy blogger category. However, as a health mentor she was full of valuable information that required a user-friendly online home. Her website accomplishes all 3 goals, with a blog, an AskKT video series and an in-depth look at the N.E.S.T.


naming your business program


We Got Serious About Her Messaging. Along with a branded voice and visual platform, Katania needed to be seen and heard on a regular basis. She’s a smart, driven woman, and people needed to experience that to begin to trust her work. To do that, we developed the AskKT video series, where Katania decodes your biggest health questions every week.


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