As a business owner, it’s very possible you are an expert in your industry, and you like to market that to your customers. There is a place for highlighting your extensive knowledge, but your product structure is not always that place. When clients are looking for the perfect product to fit their needs, they will seek a brand that encompasses these needs. That’s where branding steps in. Branding your pricing and product strategies can help you weed through what your most profitable, beneficial products are and how to sell them to your target audience — without overwhelming them with your genius.

How Branding Influences Pricing Strategy and Products

Full Circle Soils & Compost is one such company that has more knowledge and experience than their customers can fathom. Owner Craig Witt is a full-blown soil science nerd, with 20 years in the field. Together with his son and co-owner Cody, they have created hundreds of customized, soil-specific products than solve whatever gardening problem you throw at them. But with all these products, their business became muddy field of complex products and and overly-customized pricing methods. They approached sales with a,“We can create anything, just tell us what you need” strategy. This method, though intended to make things profoundly customizable for customers, was actually turning people off. Realistically, the average gardener doesn’t need hundreds of product options. Most gardeners are looking to grow huge tomatoes and cucumbers, and that’s about it. In fact, the average gardener doesn’t know exactly what they need. In short, Full Circle was almost too good at their job: they could make any soil product you could possibly need, but that was too much for customers to grasp.  

When Full Circle first came to Bareknuckle, they wanted to focus selling through distribution centers. But based on their ultra-customized method, they didn’t really have a staple line of products that would interest distributors. So we teamed up with Full Circle to narrow their products list down to 5 main products that novice and master gardeners could use with ease.

The products came with a description and basic directions to assist all growers and gardeners. Instead of the original, long-winded titles like Soil Essence Elite Garden Boost, we opted for short, action titles: BOOST, PUNCH, SOAR, KICK and PROTECT. Distributors saw these 5 specific products and recognized it was easier for customers to pick what they needed. Once distributors got on board, Full Circle sales went up by 17% in a year, and they are continually selling to more and more distributors in Northern Nevada.

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The staple line brought notable growth the Full Circle, but it was not fully representing the scope of Craig and Cody’s expertise. As the only commercial compost specialists creating custom, soil-specific blends, Full Circle had two distinct consumer audience: retails and commercial. Because their brand is simple and user-friendly, it made sense to split up online information by audience. We decided to create an entirely separate website to reach commercial clients, so as not to clutter up one site. 


full circle compost

Full Circle Commercial Site


Full Circle

Full Circle Retail Site

Taking the time to strategize the usability of your products and services improves client-brand loyalty while also highlighting the most valuable products offered. Full Circle is an excellent example of two wildly knowledgeable business owners who needed assistance packaging their awesomeness for their target audience.