If a website isn’t optimized, does it even exist? Hardly. Truth is, if Google doesn’t care about your website, then potential customers don’t know they can or should care.

We recently just launched a new website for the enthusiastic, caring and devoted team of therapists at Healing Minds, LLC. With a full rebrand, they needed a site that matched their new way of speaking to their clients, and to Google. Healing Minds went through our SEOverhaul to ensure the right clients were finding them through the clutter. Check out the details below:


Healing Minds old website



No matter what industry classifies your business, there are certain website must-haves to include in order to express and amplify your credibility within that industry. For Healing Minds, they — go ahead, take a guess — they heal minds through their counseling, therapy and social work services.

If you have found Healing Minds’ website, you are looking for help, so it was extremely important to make the sure site visitors felt comfortable and cared for as soon as they landed on the homepage. Because of this, having stock images of happy, peaceful models (like in the BEFORE homepage above) stripped away the authenticity of healing. So we got rid of that and went with a warm, inviting color palette.


Healing Minds LLC



Healing Minds has a lengthy list of services, so it benefited them — on behalf of Google and potential clients — to include brief overviews of each service. The pages are laid out in a user-friendly flow so site visitors can acquire the information they’re looking for without jumping between unnecessary pages. Plus, we made sure to have appointment and sign up information on every page, so a client never has to go hunting for info once they’ve decided to take action.


healing minds services reno

Clear Information For Every Site Visitor


Going to therapy — whether it’s your first time or your 1,000th time with another new therapist — can be draining and overwhelming. We included an in-depth “What to Expect” page to address this.



what to expect therapy reno


We also gave them a blog where there was nothing before. While a blog is an excellent outlet for optimizing your site, it also provides an educational platform for site visitors. We jump started their blog to emphasize specializations and provide information people might seek, whether or not they are interested in therapy.


Menopause and Depression

I’d Read That.


We also gave their dogs bios because, why not? While not essential, if you met the people who work here, you would immediately understand how prominent these dogs are to the culture of Healing Minds Clinic.


therapists reno

Zoey is a Cuddle Specialist.

In all seriousness, their new site is much more impressive to Google, but more importantly, to the people seeking therapy in our community. Check the full site out for yourself here.