Here’s the deal, brands are organic, and they must evolve and grow with your company. That leads us to this first post in our Building New Brand Series: Pamela Zimmer.

Having an authentic, informative brand helps your audience understand the value of your service and remember you over your competition. In the realm of mentorship, consulting and thought leadership, your brand not only represents your ideas, services and professional identity, but also offers a glimpse into your personal identity. If your brand feels cliche or stereotypical to your audience, it loses credibility and your personal image is automatically dragged down with it. This was the (temporary) case for Pamela Zimmer.

Pamela Zimmer is a bestselling author, speaker and mentor, specializing in shifting the mentality that self-care is selfish. She understood (and experienced) that in our busy lives, no matter what you do on a daily basis, self-care is something we all tend to scoff at. We find it indulgent and a waste of time, and as a mother, it’s damn near hysterical to think personal care comes before the care of your child. Her work addresses the tendency for women to put everyone’s needs before their own, creating a cycle of depletion, stress and isolation.

There’s no question that Pamela had a brand, and a consistent one at that. Despite her delightfully courageous storytelling and original programs, she became discouraged that her work wasn’t gaining as much traction as she expected. The problem was that her brand was consistently misinforming her audience about her credibility.




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After speaking with Pamela in person, it was clear her brand lacked personal authenticity in brand image and messaging. She is this warm, witty and wildly passionate woman, and her brand tagged her as mousy mommy blogger. Her brand had basically kicked her into the weeds with the thousands of mommy blogs in existence. It was stiff arming her target audience. It was holding her back. So we ditched the pink hearts and designed a logo inspired by the core of her program, the Permission Pinwheel.


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When it came to her messaging, Pamela Zimmer had these spectacular methods in place for mentoring other women in various stages of motherhood. But there were several messaging turn-offs that made her work confusing and seemingly inauthentic. Her services and “gifts” weren’t clear. She had all of this excellent information, but not a clear format for entering, experiencing and graduating from the programs.


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build new brands


Solution: We eliminated “mommy” from the brand’s vocabulary, cleaned up the program logistics and created this one-of-a-kind program workbook. We adjusted her online language to match the way she spoke in public, a voice that was truer to Pamela’s vision and professional identity.


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